Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ready to Go

We're about 45 minutes away from kickoff and the teams are on the field for warmups ahead of tonight's must-win for the Galaxy.

Bruce Arena has made two changes to his starting lineup from last week, with Landon Donovan replacing Alan Gordon up front and Brandon McDonald in for the injured Peter Vagenas. However, unlike last week when the club opened in a 3-5-2, Bruce has the guys back in a 4-4-2 tonight.






Subs: Wicks, Valentin, Randolph, Jazic, Pires, Allen and Gordon.

Three points!


Anonymous said...

Sweet, cant wait for kick off GO GALAXY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Houston already toyed with us and stole our confidence and our capabilities within the first 15 - 20 minutes of play. Houston is up 3 - 0, and first half is not over yet. Clear lack of confidence, expertise, and grit! There are so many "gents" on this team - this team should be more fit to play polo at the getn's club. Houston clearly was the more superior, harder, tougher, rougher team. And, their positioning was superb. This is exactly what Bruce and Dave must see... they have to see many of the team members for whatthey really are - USL-II players (MLS wanna-bes'). I hope Bruce and Dave are already picking out next year's team members. Greg Vanney, Troy Roberts, and even Joey Franchino have cost us this game. Wecome to Steve Cronin's nightmare, Josh Saunders!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disheartening to see the state of the LA Galaxy now. This was a team with such incredible players - players who knew how to dominate a game and any pitch they were on. Bruce and Dave have to... absolutely have to bring in much more quality, speed, depth, and especially tenacity and bite back into this team. Many of the veteran players have clearly lost that edge, that tenacity, and that viciousness. Houston had no problems running a Mack 18-wheeler right over us. Absolutely sad!