Saturday, October 18, 2008

A True Must Win

The guys are ready for tonight's game knowing that nothing less than a win will do. Following D.C. United's win over New England on Thursday, the best that the Galaxy could do with a draw tonight would be 36 points, opening the possibility of a four-way tie at 36 between LA, FC Dallas, New York and Kansas City.

Per league rules, the first tiebreaker would be head-to-head record against all other teams that you are tied with. The Galaxy would come in with a 3-3-1 record (including a win over FCD in the season finale, allowing us to get to the tie), while FCD would be 2-3-2, New York would be 2-2-2 and KC would be 2-1-3. Here is where it gets tricky.

While LA's 10 points would be the most of those four, it be earned over seven games, compared to the Wizards nine points in six games. That would leave KC with an average of 1.5 points per game compared to the Galaxy's 1.43 points per game, meaning that the Wizards would go to the playoffs.

Suffice to say, this is a must win and the guys know it.

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

The last four teams in the Western MLS Conference ALL are trying to somehow claw their way up the table. The LA Galaxy is now facing a "NO ROOM FOR ERROR" situation. I sincerely hope that the team is all fired up, charged, and ready for a tough, tough battle. The LA Galaxy cannot let down - not one bit! I truly hope that Landon, Edson, and Bryan gets a lot of chances to score. At the same time, nothing can be let down at the defensive end. The force, the pressure, the plays must all push forward. It's going to be a serious fight to win this game. And, as it has already been stated - it has to be a "MUST WIN". No other choice!

Anonymous said...

As of 10/18/08, 3 PM (PST), only two teams have the lowest total accumalted points in 2008 MLS - San Jose (30 pts) and Los Angeles (32 pts). Toronto FC made an impressive win today at BMO against Chicago Fire... bumping them up to 35 pts.
It doesn't need to be said, but if Los Angeles cannot get a win in Houston, 2008 MLS season for Los Angeles will be officially over!
This means, the results that San Jose and Dallas gets today are very, very critical for Los Angeles. Plus, the results that Colorado get tommorow. It's all on the line, people. No Joke!

Anonymous said...

Poor's not looking too good right now. 3 to 0. Not even halftime.

Praying for a miracle!