Thursday, October 16, 2008

In a Texas State of Mind

John Steinbeck once wrote: "Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession."

That is definitely the case for the Galaxy these next two weeks as they travel to Houston this Saturday and then square-off against FC Dallas at home next Sunday, Oct. 26, on the last day of the regular season.

The guys had an intense day of training on Thursday. Since the reserve team is also going on this trip, trainer John Ireland took those guys into the Athletes' Performance gym for a regeneration session following yesterday's 0-0 tie against Real Salt Lake.

The group that stayed on the field worked with Bruce, Dave and the rest of coaching staff. They were put through a grueling day of work, but quickly got into it. Players were communicating with one another, making hard tackles and doing everything possible to score -- you know, things they'll likely do on Saturday in order to secure the three points.

Afterward, Landon Donovan, Alan Gordon and Bryan Jordan took turns in a scoring drill from inside the penalty box. Donovan scored on almost every shot he took.

The guys are ready for this one. Are you?


Anonymous said...

For me, anyways, it's nice to hear that much of the LA Galaxy starting 11 and subs spent considerable time on the training grounds with the coaches. As a fan of the sport and of this team, those are the osrts of things that we want to know is happening with the club. Especially since, our team will face a very tough, resilient, experienced, solid opponent-side as Houston. It would be foolish to even consider getting needed/wanted results without the hard work, the pressure, the drills, and the training. I am also very glad to hear that the team members are "communicating" to one another on the field during play; and, that they are battling against each other hard. Robertson stadium is the torturing grounds for other teams. Houston is much more acclamated to its heat, its humidity, ground conditions. Plus, practically all of the surroundings are orange - so orange, that it starts to play mind games with teams! The critical need for our team is to never lose communication, intensity, focus, and will. And, for that we need all the figght and power that each of the players can muster. Here's to hopinh our team will get the win they need!

Anonymous said...

I am so pumped up for this game. I am going to light all the candles in my apt.