Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

The buses are making their way North with a few hundred Galaxy supporters, but the squad is already here and getting prepared for tonight's match.

  • Josh Wicks remained in LA with a left knee injury that he picked up in training last week, meaning that Vito Higgins will be the backup to Steve Cronin for the first time this season.
  • Higgins actually joined the club here in San Jose directly from Spokane, Washington where he was collecting some of his personal belongings to transport back to LA. He flew to Washington in the middle of last week and was excused from training on Thursday and Friday before Wicks' injury, the extent of which will be known next week.
  • In addition to the standard dessert fares with our team dinner last night (Fruit salad, sliced fruit, rice pudding, etc.) there was a very tasty strawberry cake in honor of Ceci's birthday. Our assistant athletic trainer, Ceci turned 25 yesterday and making it all that more special, she is a Northern California native who will have more than a fair share of friends and family in attendance tonight.

Lastly, here is some audio from yesterday from David and Ruud during their media session after training.

David in three parts

Ruud in three parts


charlesj27 said...

Hey guys, thanks for the audio snippets. Though, as soon as the interesting / challenging questions came (for Head Coach Ruud to answer)... right then, teh snippet was cut. I was very interested in what Head Coach Ruud thought about the strengths and weaknesses of our current LA Galaxy team excluding Landon & David. But, I feel I'll never get to hear the full story on that. In any case, teh updates that this site provides to all of the LA Galaxy faithfuls are essential and valued. Please continue to keep us updated on the happenings of our team. I wish our LA Galaxy team the very best of play and luck today - playing San Jose (an AWAY game). I hope the LA Galaxy Road Warriors and supporters truly uphold and cheer on our team. I hope that many members of our team get opportunities to score and aim hard at the opposition. Love this sport... Play HARD! GO GALAXY!!!

charlesj27 said...

Oh, I forgot - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CECI!!! Thanks for the wonderful care & attention you provide to our team. Don't cut 'em any slack - Be tough with our team!!! Go GALAXY!!!

charlesj27 said...

Our Defensive line must be so strong and presuasive. Hold and keep tight and solid!!! They have fast runners in Ryan Johnson and Gavin Glinton. In this game our midfiels must be very communicated, very controlling, and very focused to always keep passing and spreading out San Jose. Always look for holes - stretch them out and attack in two's!!!