Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Week Inside the Galaxy - Episode Eight

Take a look at the latest episode of This Week Inside the Galaxy, as we look back at the trip to San Jose and the visit of Edgar Davids to Galaxyland.


Anonymous said...

I love what you guys are doing with the blog, but can we get these "previews" before the matches?

charlesj27 said...

CONGRATS to David Beckham for picking SPAIN to advance to the Euro 2008 Semi-Finals! YES!!! YES!!! SPAIN was the national team I picked from the start to take the EURO Championship. They played with such CLASS, such FINESSE, such HEART, and such CHARACTER! And, all against a Match Referree that clearly was blind and (possibly in the pocket by Italy). Such OUTRAGEOUS, CLEARLY WRONG REFERREEING. It was makeing me sick to my stomach. And, of course, did anyone have any doubt that every member of the Italian National Team falling down clasping their shins and ankles, wailing, crying, trying to win "Acting Emmy Awards" to supplement their soccer careers.
CONGRATS, David! The classy, superb team had every intention of giving Italy misery!!! BRAVO!!! I swear (even though) RAMOS, PUYOL, MARCHENA were not the tallest defenders - they certainly were the most hard-working, most together, most supportive of each other. Luca Toni was blocked out at every turn! One of the most satisfying Euro matches I have ever watched! AMAZING!!!

charlesj27 said...

Once again, great WITG video feature. Thanks! It was sheer joy & genius to set-up Bus-Allowances and Road-Trip for the LA Galaxy Supporter groups. It was nice to see them enjoying themselves, cheering, and building up confidence as a solid supporting entity for our LA Galaxy! Seeing Edgar Davids with the LA Galaxy team - of course, very special... I hope all the guys really took away something from his being there... there are very few quality, talented, hard-working, honest, pit-bull type players liek that.
Our LA Galaxy is improving on attack... and, that will come - it'll get there. But, teh KEY FUNDAMENTALS of patience, control, smartness, passing, counter-runs... these must be drilled into our team daily. Our players have to know that each of them are under the microscope - held accountable for poor performances and poor plays. The basics of controlling the tempo, the pace, the advance, the retreat... it's so critical. Our team must STOP giving up leads... Really, the staff must find a way to effectively make them learn to be shileding, mobile thwarters and barriers to opposing forwards and midfielders. Now, teh goal-keepers on our tema really, really need to practice a WHOLE LOT MORE - Day & NIGHT, if necessary! It MUST BE BETTER - IT MUST IMPROVE; otherwise, there is NO CHANCE against stronger, faster, more aggressive Eastern Conference Teams.

lorysamgabry said...

Charlesj27 Sorry I not speack english.Tu non dire che la Spagna ha giocato meglio dell'Italia,ha solamente giocato un pò meglio,tutto qui.All'Italia mancava il MR Pirlo, il miglior centrocampista del mondo,Gattuso e Cannavaro.Non si vince sempre,ma io ti ricordo ,che l'Italia è sempre Champion del mondo ( for the 4 competition ). La Spagna campione di cosa???.Spagna Russia sarà un grande match io spero che vinca il team migliore.Con affetto Ciao from Italy

charlesj27 said...

In response to lorysamgabry's comments (Please understand that I do speak Italian either, so rather I am going to carefully dissect and deduce what your points responded back are).
I believe in your comments you were stating that it would not be correct of me to say that the National Team of Spain has more talent, nor more champion-like players than Italy's National Team. YES, to that point I will agree. Italy's National Team has players that have made it to Champions League, Euro Cup, and World Cup. Those are facts - I cannot deny that. Next, you were stating that in the match of Italy vs. Spain, Italy was playing without Pirlo, Gattuso, and Cannavaro. Three Italian National Team players that are difference makers in Championship games. Okay, I will not deny that either. Your third point was Spain cannot claim to be world champions in repeated occasions as Italy can. YES, you are right again.
There is NO denying of the MASTERY, the DEPTH, the SKILLS that a world champion team like Italy have. But, I do and will expect MUCH MORE HONESTY, PROFESSIONALISM, and INTEGRITY among each of their players. In that game - I did NOT see that! I saw Champion Italian National Team players quickly falling to the ground, pretending, and waiting for the referree to come and attend to their sense of desparation. I will also state that I have not only seen this behavior from Italy... but, expecially MORE from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. I feel it was UNFAIR... totally UNFAIR for the Italian National Federation to fire Roberto Donadoni. He was an excellent player, and a man who would have made an excellent coach if he was given at least two to three years. My support and my enthusiasm for Spain comes from what I witnessed from teh individual players of that National Team. They are men, soccer/futbol enthusiasts waiting to prove themselves to the world. And, I will not be sorry nor discontented that they got their opportunity, finally, in 2008.
Thank you for your comments, your passion, and your voice - this is why I love this sport. Respectfully, CharlesJ27 (VIVA FUTBOL - VIVA EL PASSION DEL MUNDO!)

Chris said...

Haven't seen this blog until today, but I love every bit of it. I love how personal and familiar you guys get, with all the interviews that let us get to know the players and organization better. Especially the recap of the game versus the Smurfshakes!!! Really cool how you featured the fans that accompanied you in San Jose - hope to see more coverage of them in the games to come! The boisterous soccer fan spirit with all its singing and supporting is really something that sets soccer aside a little from the other major sport leagues and makes it superior in its unique way.
El Aaaaay - El Aaay - El Aaay - El Aaay!!! :D