Sunday, June 29, 2008

Early Mornings in D.C.

We're through with our breakfast/pregame meal and the guys are now beginning their final preparations ahead of today's game. Today's meal saw one of the biggest food spreads we've seen in a while, as there were both breakfast and lunch options because of the early kick-off.

The game will kick-off at approximately 12:15 today so there will be a short pregame show before the first whistle. In advance of the pregame show, ABC's John Harkes sat down with Becks here at the hotel for a short interview. You'll also see the third member of the broadcast team, Allen Hopkins, catch up with Landon Donovan pregame to catch his thoughts on the game.

In other interview news, David sat down with Steven Goff of The Washington Post for a story that ran in today's paper. Click here to see the story.

Off to the stadium and we'll have more from there in a bit.


El said...

I'm interested in what the players' diets are like, how they stay healthy and what kind of drills they do in training. Maybe you guys could include a health segment in the future.

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the link to Steve Goff's article on David Beckham and Landon Donovan. This AWAY game against DC United + the HOME game coming up against New England Revs are two very, very important games for our LA Galaxy. We must be in coomplete dedication, drive, commitment, and excellence. We must play solid and strong! I hope all our guys are fully fit, rested, and ready to pour it all out on the field today. What's the weather / climate like? What about the pitch? Please, LA Galaxy maintain full focus on WINNING - we need the three points!!! I hope David, Landon, Chris, Edson, Ely, Ante, Mikey, and Steve all have excellent confidence and stamina today. Come on LA Galaxy - we can do this... we can!!! Go GALAXY!!!
My hope: is that we win decidedly (LAG 6 - DCU 0). But, to me more realistic & down-to-earth (LAG 4 - DCU 1). I'm very worried about our defensive line... LUCIANO, SANTINO, JAIME, CLYDE, and FRANCIS - if these guys are there... it's going to be a very tough match!!! Be READY - BE STRONG - BE ABSOLUTE!!!

grammy42 said...

I love this galaxy team, what I don't care for is the fact they continue to allow Buddle to play when he is a ball hog. Once he has it he does not pass it, he wants it and wants the goal,he needs to pass it, but it seems his first concern is getting the goal, he seems to forget there are 9 other players that can help him out to make a goal actually 10, even a goalkeeper can score. I have seen this over and over again in club games when that one player feels they can dribble the ball all the way into the goal, come on Buddle pass the ball, give it to someone else, we are losing 4-1, share with the rest of the team.