Friday, June 6, 2008

Getting Ready for Colorado

As the team gears up to play Colorado tomorrow, Beckham, Ruud and Steve spoke to the media. Here's what they had to say...

Becks talks about injuring his wrist and Colorado

Ruud talks about Colorado, the offense against Toronto and Ruiz

Steve on the previous games against Colorado

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charlesj27 said...

Thanks for sharing these audio snippets of David, Ruud, and Steve. I'm carefully listening to David as he's talking, and, I could tell that his Londoner's accent was very much in full effect. It's nifty to hear that overtone in his voice - and, it's completely understandable... When an Englander (or any other non-American) spends time with thier respective mates - the tone, the speed of speech, the slang all comes back and it stays a bit after coming back. In any case, it was very good to hear that he is in good, strong spirits. Colorado / Toronto / Real Salt Lake / Columbus Crew / DC United / Houston... these are all teams that our LA Galaxy can surely win against and beat. However, it very much depends on the squad that's playing for the first 60 - 65 minutes. We must have skilled, very well-practiced, confident, controlled players on our team. And, winning games will certainly come about. We are lucky - so very lucky to have a good, solid, caring, experienced coach as Head Coach Ruud... but, the players - they must put in a SOLID, FOCUSED, CONTROLLED, PRACTICED performance each and every time. I was listening to the audio here from Ruud - and, it is just too funny how he answers the questions being asked. He carefully, cleverly evades from dispensing specific, deep answers. Almost all his answers are very "middle-of-the-road" and superficial. In this way, he won't have players peeved or pissed off... he won't senior management peeved or pissed off... there will only be frustrated reporters and journalists who are trying to get more out of him. "Mr. CIA" that's what I'll refer to him as... To constantly play good, strong, winning football takes immense practice, confidence, control, focus, and grit!!! Our players must not take anything hap-hazardly. They must be totally focused, practiced, confident, and very much in control of not just the ball - but, of the field, their team-mates, the opponents, and especially, themselves. Opponent team players will always try to frustrate and foul - but, a good, tactical, controlled player knows to weave and slide around that!!!