Sunday, June 8, 2008

Congratulations Landon

For those of you watching the U.S. National Team take the field against Argentina right now, you are seeing a great site as Landon Donovan leads out the Red, White and Blue as the team's captain. Today's appearance will make LD the 11th centurion in U.S. history and the fourth youngest player ever to reach that mark.

Seeing Landon on the field also lets us know that has recovered from his groin injury and ready to go.

He will be back in LA next week, either with the National Team for Sunday's Qualifier against Barbados at The Home Depot Center, or with the Galaxy. Bob Bradley will announce his roster next week and we can say that we would be quite surprised to see the all-time leading scorer in U.S. history not included in the squad for that important game.


charlesj27 said...

Excellent effort by the US team, even when they were a man down. Excellent atmosphere - a FANTASTIC turn-out at Giants Stadium. And, it was great that some of the big Argentinian stars came out to play in this match. The US National Team today were not nervous, but very confident and tried to maintain posession as much as possible. However, that was going to be difficult against Argentina - a team that can strip away balls from their opposition as if the the opposing team playing Argentina had two left feet and sprayed PAM on their shoes. Argentina is very good and closing in and compacting the space to make it difficult. Landon playing this game with tempo and confidence. It was good also to see Freddy Adu, Jay Demerit, Steve Cherundolo, and Damarcus Beasely. I hope that Bob Bradley was able to take some very good pointers from this match. He should be proud of his squad today. The rain towards the end, I thought was a gift from the heavens - since, the weather out in the Marshlands were above 100 deg. F. I think Bob Bradley should definitely give Landon his 101st cap for next Sunday (Jun. 15th) at the HDC. Our LA Galaxy should try to play San Jose at McAfee Stadium in Oakland with Edson and Carlos for the full 90 minutes. Let's hope the Galaxy team can be focused, intense, alert, and hungry enough to come away with a WIN. Go Galaxy!!!

box said...

what is the result of the friendly? did US score any?

Anonymous said...

Galaxy cannot play Ruiz a full 90 against SJ as he will be with Guatemala for WQC.

Jorge said...

It is too bad that Carlos won't be able to join LA for the game. However, it seems that other players are now stepping up and in to score.