Saturday, June 14, 2008

Underway in San Jose

All technical difficulties have been sorted out and we're underway here at McAfee Coliseum.

Just like last weekend against Colorado, the good guys have taken an early lead with Edson Buddle getting his sixth goal of the year in the sixth minute. A Beckham cross from the right picked out Tudela, whose cushioned header set Buddle up perfectly to volley the ball home with his right foot, giving LA an early lead.

For those who have not already seen it on TV, here is the Galaxy lineup.





Subs: Higgins, Gavin, Roberts, Valentin, Vanney, McDonald, Jordan.

Check back postgame.


charlesj27 said...

I saw that very good header by Josh to provide Edson for the perfect volley-kick to get a goal (on TV, of course)... Nice job Edson. Way to go!!! I hope that David is Okay - he should NOT over-exert! Please NO injuries for David! The guys are doing very well in maintaining good posession and finding openings. But, as I expected - San Jose is really applying the pressure. Come on guys - do not lose focus - stay sharp - stay aggressive! Keep passing and spreading them out!
I do NOT see Joey Franchino in the subs list - Why? What happened? Did he not make this trip???
Mike is doing okay as left back - but, he's made some "iffy" decisions and choices that almost cost us!!!

charlesj27 said...

One thing that I did not get to mention: Please, the coaching staff needs to keep an attentive eye and ear to how many YELLOW CARDS our individual players are starting to rack up. I know Alvaro is supposed to be our ball-winner and pit-bull for most of our games - but, if he gets too many yellow cards, it'll hury us very much towards the end. This is why we need other players to act as ball-winners like Joey Franchino, Josh Tudela, and Brandon McDonald. The San Jose players applied plenty of pressure ALL 90 minutes... and, our players dug in and took it, and fought to keep a shut-out and clean-sheet. BRAVO!!! IMPRESSIVE performance from our team!!! Excellent way to fight, to NOT quit - to be professional, to be champion-like!!! We absolutely need more gutsy performances like these. Ely ALlen did an amazing job to work up front with Edson. Sean Franklin - a true captain of the back-line. Abel is so SMART, so timely, so professional. This was truly a GREAT, GREAT COHESIVE, TEAM PERFORMANCE! Go GALAXY!!!