Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kick Off at RFK

We're underway at RFK on a hot and humid day that some would call sweltering.

Here's the lineup, which sees no changes from last weekend.





Subs: Higgins, Roberts, Vanney, McDonald, Tudela, Franchino and Gordon.

By the way, you'll see it duing the broadcast, but the ABC crew asked five players for their picks to win today's Euro 2008 Final. David, Landon and Abel all said Spain, while Cronin and Klein went with the Germans.


charlesj27 said...

I just can't believe the SORRY, LAZY performance that I'm seeing. What the hell is going thru the minds of some of our players? What? What, too much breakfasy/lunch? Too hot? I can't believe the LAME excuses this team & management comes up with. SORRY display of PUPOSE, DRIVE, EXECUTION!
Ante Jazic was SO OFF - SO INEFFECTIVE in the first half. Ely Allen was flying liking a bouncing rubber ball all over the place. Alvaro doesn't seem to agree to the heat! I can't believe it - Is this NOT a professional sports team? What are all this childish behavior I'm seeing... Come on LA Galaxy... Gew several pairs and fight for the win!
This team BETTER make some defesive changes soon. As soon as possible... it's disgraceful. I told you - Repeatedly, I have said that Steve Cronin needs a FULL YEAR & HALF. I swear, I'm so sick of being let down - what the hell is going on in practices. Come on Alexi... Come on Tim... Comeon Ruud - DARNIT' Threaten the players already - make them accountable!!!
We BETTER gets some good solid trades in this JULY - otherwise, we're history - we don't stand a chance!!!

charlesj27 said...

Disgusting display of winning attitude and drive. Totally missing! DCU clearly out-shot the LA Galaxy so, so many times. ANTE JAZIC - INEFFECTIVE! ALVARO PIRES - seems way too tired! DAVID BECKHAM - keeps crossing balls right on target - but, only Edson is there! This sucky trend must be harshly, repeatedly adressed! In JULY, there MUST be changes!!! Such poor performance!!!