Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taking on the Rapids

A number of changes to the Galaxy squad tonight as Ruud tries to spark the team after being kept off the scoreboard in each of the last two games and in both games against the Rapids this season.

Here is his squad...





Subs: Wicks, Jazic, Roberts, Vanney, Franchino, McDonald, Ruiz.

Also of note, the Galaxy have allowed Bryan Jordan to remain on loan with the the Portland Timbers for tonight's game against the Vancouver Whitecaps. As we told you the other day, Jordan played 90 minutes on Thursday as the Timbers played to a 0-0 draw with the Minnesota Thunder.

Also, viewers on TV might notice that the Rapids shorts don't exactly match with their burgandy shirts and socks. That's because the good folks at Frontier Airlines accidently lost one of Colorado's equipment bags on their flight to LA, meaning that they are having to play in navy blue shorts that they had to borrow from Chivas USA. Thankfully, all of our gear is present and accounted for, thus we can once again be seen in our all whites.

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charlesj27 said...

Initially I was very apprehensive about the line-up that was fielded by Head Coach Ruud Gullit to play against a dangerous, opportunistic, first-place holder team like Colorado Rapids. Believe me, Colorado Rapids, this year, is indeed quite a powerful, dangerous team!!! I, personally, was unsure of how Pete Vagenas and Ely Allen would play. But, I must say that all of those practice sessions that Ruud is putting the guys through must have helped out. Vagenas played a decent first half. Ely Allen was subbed out after the first-half... His sharpness, precision, and attacking is still not there yet... To me, Ely Allen looked much more of a threat, a real competitor in pre-season. I hope; I really hope that Bryan Jordan does not come back to us injured. I hope not. The man is very brave and gets totally in harm's way. Playing as a forward, it comes with the territory - but, he get's exposed way too much!
Too bad about the lost luggages for Colorado. That's not fun to go through!