Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ante Is Going Green

We're proud to announce that Galaxy defender Ante Jazic has received his green card and will no longer occupy one of the Galaxy's international roster spots. The Canadian international has played for the Galaxy since August 2006 but has missed the entire 2008 season because of an ankle injury. However, Jazic has returned to training over the last two weeks and is closing in on a return to full fitness and will hope to be available for selection in the not so distant future.

The Galaxy now have four of their eight international spots open, with David Beckham, Alvaro Pires, Carlos Ruiz and Abel Xavier still designated as internationals. Could one of those four be Close to getting his green cARd as weLl? We'll just have tO wait and See.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the injury update on Jazic. Could you do the same for the other injured players?

starinyourfire said...

i think if another player will get their green card i believe Carlos Ruiz will. any news on his progress?

Anonymous said...

great way to spell it out for us lol, keep up the good updates.

charlesj27 said...

I wish all our international players much luck as they await residency papers to be able to permanently stay in the US. Getting the paperwork filled out, sent, reviewed, processed, and then assigned a LONG waiting period is more and more a cumbersome process. But, we have to realize there are so many people that want to have residency within the US.
Thanks also for the help with giving us an idea on who's next to receive the green-card.
How are the practices and scrimmages going? Are the youngsters learning more and more? Are they getting to know each other more and more (in terms of placements and positions on the pitch)? I want to hope that this LA Galaxy team gets stronger and better as we get deeper into the MLS 2008 season. Please continue to keep all of us updated with pics and videos.

Anonymous said...

Could one of those four be Close to getting his green cARd as weLl? We'll just have tO wait and See

lol nice spoiler

W2G Carlos :)