Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Galaxy-Dynamo Recap

Landon Donovan and David Beckham combined twice to give the Galaxy a 2-2 draw with the two-time defending MLS Cup champions on Saturday night. Donovan equalized twice to earn the draw, giving him an MLS best five goals on the season. Here is a recap with comments from the head coach and players.

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charlesj27 said...

It was so rewarding and wonderful to see the "fight" in the LA Galaxy team in the 2nd half of that game against Houston. David Beckham is completely right in saying that the "fight", the "urgency", the "pace", and the "finishing on chances" is what will determine LA Galaxy's fate in each & every game. ALL... I repeat, ALL of the LA Galaxy players must be ready, willing, able, and determined to play STRONG, POSESSION-BASED, URGENT, HARD, FAST-PACED soccer. In order to do this, ALL of our players have got to keep practicing, and practicing sharp, timely, determined passes and crosses. They have to understand, learn, and keep playing one-touch & two-touch soccer. Any more touches than that - and, the LA Galaxy can only expect to have the ball disposessed and the control of the game out of their realm. They must know & learn timing, runs, placement on the pitch. Make each player accountable for their performance. The "snail's pace, the four-to-five touch passing and handling, the mis-communication, and indecisiveness must stop. Our LA Galaxy absolutely MUST have Midfield strength, power, and execution. Our back-line must be resilient, adaptable, and together - where communication between teh goal-keeper and themselves is essential. And, our forwards must be practicing to keep forcing, to keep pressing, to always push forward. But, most of all to EXECUTE!!! The forwards must EXECUTE on passes and chances! In order to execute withe the highest chance of getting past defenders and goal-keepers - they must keep practicing SHOTS-ON-GOALS... from many different spots and angles!
I want to wish our LA Galaxy guys the best of luck this coming Saturday against Chivas USA. Remember, it's only going to get more intense and more tough - not easier. Play hard; play with intensity and urgency!