Monday, April 28, 2008

Landon Hits the Airwaves

Landon Donovan has again been named the MLS Player of the Week and to celebrate he's taking to the radio waves.

Landon will be a guest with Joe Tutino on XX Sports Radio 1090 in San Diego at 2:35 this afternoon. You can hear the interview live by clicking on the Listen Live link on this page.

He will then will join Glenn Davis on The Soccer Hour, which can be heard online here. If you have a question for Landon or Glenn, phone the call-in line at 713-212-5790.

Landon has also had his third goal from Saturday night nominated for the Sierra Mist MLS Goal of the Week award, which he also wom last week. Click here to vote.


charlesj27 said...

As a LA Galaxy fan, I am happy and proud for Landon Donovan. As an US Men's & Women's National Team fan, I am proud that the US has Landon Donovan. He is one of US's best soccer players. However, I do agree with Head Coach Ruud, that if celebrations of goals are conducted by soccer players in such a way as to "mock" or "taunt" the opposing team... then, that should be seriously addressed and discouraged. It's very easy to let our emotions get the better of us - especially against our cross-town rivals. But, engage in that kind of behavior too often - and retalliation and fouls are bound to rack up... And, some fouls as ALL soccer fans have seen can lead to serious consequences. Landon Donovan has every right to be happy and celebratory - He deserves this moment of elation. He's hung in there and waited, and waited for scoring opportunities to come his way. It is because of how Head Coach Ruud structured, pushed, pressured, and brought around the team - that allowed Landon to enjoy these goals. I really do hope that Landon will break the 20 goals per season mark for 2008. Our LA Galaxy team is working hard to make sure they are fit, practiced, and ready. Practice, drills, and scrimmages must not stop. Our LA Galaxy young players need as much practice and scrimmages as they can get. David Beckham and Chris Klein are essential and indispensable to our LA Galaxy team. Joey Franchino, Greg Vanney, Abel Xavier, Sean Franklin, Julian Valentin, Michael Gavin, and Brandon McDonald must keep working, practicing, and scrimmaging together - their contributions and positions in every game is what allows our LA Galaxy team to stay SOLID, COMPOSED, MAINTAIN POSESSION & CONTROL & TEMPO.
This Saturday our LA Galaxy team plays Real Salt Lake at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. Once again, an away game in a field-turf environment at ALTITUDE. Our LA Galaxy staff, trainers, and coaches needs to ready and prepare our players early. Go GALAXY!!!

Anonymous said...

Landon was awesome....AGAIN! Love watching this guy play. GO GALAXY!