Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Faces at Training

Three new faces joined the Galaxy in training this week as goalkeeper Jose Manual Miranda (center), midfielder Yordany Alvarez (right) and defender Yenier Bermundez (left) made the trek from Florida to Southern California. All three players come to the Galaxy after defecting from the Cuban U-23 team during the Olympics qualifiers a month ago.

All three had vital roles in the game against the U.S., a game which finished 1-1 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Miranda, the starting keeper that night, made eight saves during the game, helping the Cubans walk away with their only point in qualifying competition. Alvarez assisted on the lone Cuban goal of the tournament, and Bermundez captained the U-23s before fleeing the team hotel that night.

All three will train with the Galaxy for at least the remainder of this week and potentially next week as well in the run up to the game against Houston.

Here is a short story that appeared in today's issue of La Opinion about the trio.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! sign all three now to Dev. contracts and work them in to the lineup. This is great for the Galaxy!

charlesj27 said...

Although I am happy to hear that the LA Galaxy has international soccer (futbol) players trying out and wanting very much to join the team... I would strongly urge that ALL our coaches watch and study the players. I am not saying that we don't need quality players - no way, I am NOT saying that. But, Head Coach Ruud Gullit has a style and structure in place for our LA Galaxy. ALL of the players MUST... MUST be ready, willing, able to accept and play in the style & structure he is trying to construct. If players are not willing or cannot play fluidly, in sync, in unison with one another... we do NOT have a working (effective) team. Head Coach Ruud Gullit wants LA Galaxy soccer to be FLUID, SEAMLESS, AGILE, EFFECTIVE soccer. I, again, do not doubt the abilities of these U-23 Cuban ex-national players. I am sure they have the aptitude and skill to play effective soccer (futbol). But, teh real question is can their play and style sync, and be symbiotic with the style that Head Coach Ruud Gullit requires?
Next, I have read on several occasions that our LA Galaxy team needs (really needs) several Left-footed soccer players... Are any, or in best possible case... Are all of the players adept and effective as "left-footed" players?
If the ball is to quickly and certainly find its way to David and Landon and Carlos... we need more "left-footed" players!!!
I sincerely hope that these three individuals truly, honestly, boldly, repetitively, and completely wants ans desires to play for our LA Galaxy. Our LA Galaxy has strict training, diet, conduct, and team cooperation requirements and guidelines. Are these requirements made fully aware to these individuals? MLS play is challenging, fast, demanding, and frustrating. I hope they are eager, happy, ready, and prepared for this league's requirements!
With all of that said - Bievenidos, companeros y hermanos a LA Galaxy - MLS futbol equipa fantastica! Mucho gusto sus profesionales futboleritos estan aqui!

charlesj27 said...

On an another note, LA Galaxy fans - did all of you know that Toronto FC have successfully signed Honduran "Tiger" footballer, Amado Guevara. If he plays for Toronto FC like he has played for his home club, CD Motagua... Watch out, friends... He is an excellent, excellent player to have in the midfield... He knows how to find a way to connect balls to other players. But, that's not all... Toronto FC also has a very good left-footed winger, Laurent Robert. Oh, it doesn't stop there... they also have a very good right-footed midfielder, Carl Robinson... and, they have Rohan Ricketts/Midfielder (Tottenham, Wolverhampton, Barnsley) & Oliver Tebidy/Defender (Celtic, Birmingham City) on trials at present. Amazing... I just don't know how Mo Johnston is able to get all these players to come and try out for an MLS team. Well, kudos to Mo. But, my point was this... I believe Toronto FC is going to pose much more of a threat/struggle for us than just a week ago. Toronto FC just might be able to put some "UMMPHHH" in their line-up.
Well, my fellow Galaxy fans... Once again, we better have our team ready, practiced, solidified, and coordinated if we are going to have a chance of winning this coming Sunday. I kept saying this over the past several months - 2008 MLS teams are considerably stronger and deeper than last year or the year before. Our LA Galaxy team better be ready to play & work real strong and real hard. I really do hope that our LA Galaxy can get a win... We need to start off with a good, strong, positive momentum!

Ken said...

Actually, it "The Wolf" not "Tiger", or more correctly "El Lobo".

Anonymous said...

Charles I have posted to you before and they never seem to put those posts up hmm wonder why. You post some interesting things on here and just so you know you are not writing to Ruud or Cobi when you post on here. Stop preaching to the choir. Back to the subject Good players are good players and we need some of them. I agree with your left footed player comment and think we should find some of them but can you pass up this opportunity to get these young and talented players, to dev. contracts I don't think that I would. We can get some lefty's later when we get rid of some expensive baggage we have riding the pine.

Beax Speax said...

Laurent Robert? Dude couldn't get playing at Derby County. These guys are coming to Toronto because they are DONE. We should bring a giant fork to the HDC on Sunday...

Anonymous said...

Troy Roberts is worth $33,000.00 and Gordon with his "hard work rate", inability to finish and tie his shoe laces before the match is worth $72,504.00 surely these guys fit somewhere in between. Randolph makes 33k and he didn't make the Olympic cut, the three Cuban did and played very well against the US.

Now Pete's a great fella, however unless he turns it around [i](literally by passing the ball forward)[/i] I don't see him adapting to a total football style of play Ruud seems to be shooting for. If management sees it fit to rid of Hartman and Herc, both fan favorites I'm sure riding of Pete shouldn't be a problem, heck! you still feel he adds to the team, make him an assistant to Cobi.

So here's my fuzzy math:

Pete Vagenas = $138,000.00

3 ÷ 138,000.00 = 46,000.00

if that's too much then there's

3 x 33,000.00 = 99,000.00

that leaves $39,000.00 to sign someone in the range of:

Bobby Boswell $33,000.00
Andy Iro $36,000.00
Devon McTavish $33,000.00
Dane Richards $33,000.00

just saying.....

Anonymous said...

Dude McDonald and Alamo signed for like $12,000.

Neanderthal said...

Carlos Ruiz is "ambidiestro", He shoots with both left and right with the same habillity, just look at footage of his MLS goals.
Three Cuban National Team players desperate for a job sounds like a good investment to me, not only they would probably be the cheapest MLS players but will have all the motivation to become somebody in this league.

charlesj27 said...

Okay - good! There are "outside" LA Galaxy fans and soccer fans that read the posts / comments I post. Nice. Thaanks you guys and gals for reading and offering me back comments. Sweet!
1) Ken... Thanks for the correction. You're right - "El Lobo", not "Tiger". I was sort of close - I knew it had to be a predatory animal.
2) Anonymous#2... Hey, I appreciate the fact that were trying to comment back to what I say at times. Yeah, as you very well know the posting that gets to see the "light of day" have to pass through several filters and reviews. So, there's a very good chance that "powerful, free-style" writing makes its way to the dump-bin. But, at least, you recognize it and still put in the effort. And, believe me guys - I know very well that my posting probably never reaches Ruud, Cobi, Chris, Armando, etc... I know that me writing and content seems like I am somehow e-mailing them directly... But, as you pointed out, it's just getting viewed by us soccer (MLS, in particular, afficionados). I post because my thoughts and conviction on MLS and LA Galaxy, in particular, are quite deep and quite strong. I need this official blog as an open forum for my thoughts. Yes, it may sound pretty "sad", I know. But, being 'cwazy' about this team is something that makes me feel alive. You are valid by saying that signing these Cuban ex-patriots players will be a good deal for our LA Galaxy. Yes - I do not disagree. But, a consistent, tested, great team requires individuals that work together, play together, win together, and lose together. My point was - I just want the coaches to be sure that these players once signed will accept the work-rate at LA Galaxy... and, the rest of our team invloves and includes each of them.
3) Anonymous #2 & #3 : Yes, I will agree with you... we (our LA Galaxy team, at present) does have "expensive players" that does not seem to produce stellar, exceptional plays as their salaries that they collect. And, I believe we agree (for the most part) who they are - from the many games we have watched and studies. It is my sincere hope that Head Coach Ruud, Asst. Coach Cobi & Trevor - also know who they exactly are. Our LA Galaxy can no longer "meander and hope" that these players will magically spring back into stellar form. This would be foolish and extremely detrimental to LA Galaxy's future and its objectives. Our LA Galaxy must have the team members it needs to climb back in MLS conference standing. And, it must do it with determination, coniction, and drive. Our LA Galaxy should not "baby" any player. MLS is a professional, experienced, results-oriented league... that's the way it should be operated.
4) Beax Speax : I need to actually see several games of Laurent Robert playing against MLS teams before I can come to the same conclusion as you... But, thanks for giving me your stand - you've helped me to keep an eye on him when TFC plays future games.
5) Anonymous #3: Honestly, I can see Pete as an Asst. Coach for the U-15 / U-16 soccer level. Pete knows his fundamentals... and, still has enough form to train adolscents. But, that's it. Someone once pointed out to me that Pete is simply an "old-school" One-Dimensional player. And, I totally agree with that assessment. The level, instensity, creativity, speed, and demand of MLS games today requires players that can totally be ready, immersed, and comfortable in that environment. And, Pete is playing like it's still 1998 or 1999. Now, Alan Gordon - for his several pluses (strengths), I have repeatedly seen his astuteness, prowess, and competitiveness as a forward just "wither, wilt, and sulk". He has the physical attributes to be an exceptional forward that would truly amaze... but, somewhere along the way - he's grown complacent, apathetic, and mellow. Sorry, guys - forwards in MLS need to have hunger, drive, instinct, passion, and zeal. If that goes away... we're left with depictions of what all of us saw at the 2008 HDC opener against San Jose... excellent provided crosses that from the foot of the forward gets handed on a pillow to the opposing keeper!

Anonymous said...

anyone heard about the Riquelme to the MLS rumors? any chance the galaxy would be in on that? don't they still have one more "designated player" that they can sign?

Anonymous said...

Charles are you a season ticket holder?

ching said...

This news is great, but we still need to bring in another experienced player in the central midfield to play alongside Beckham. Pires was a waste of money.

We can get rid of:

Guys to keep:
Buddle (Proven scorer)
Xavier (Proven Defender)

Maybe we are waiting for the transfer window to make this kind of impact signing. A guy in the $50K-$80K range is all we really need now.

Anonymous said...

Pires is not a waste and he is only like 22 yrs old. He just needs to learn not to hold on to the ball so long, but he rumbles through players and keeps it at his feet and he is better than pass back pete atleast he goes forward with it. What we do need is a couple left footed mids.

Anonymous said...

Dude charles, you should post at bigsoccer or something. A lot more people would read what you say in a real open forum...this is just the comments section of the Galaxy blog..

Anonymous said...

Ronaldinho is in the opebn market!!!!!! Would be great for MLS if he came, even if he went to another club.

Anonymous said...

Give us more news on what is going on with them!