Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick Hitters

Even with the team off today, we have three quick news items...

Landon's goal from Saturday has won the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week Award, narrowly edging out his U.S. National Team teammate Jozy Altidore who scored a great goal against New England. Click here to relive Landon's goal once again.

On Thursday, David will be a guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". We're fans of the show and we're sure that whoever tunes in tomorrow will not be disappointed. The show airs at 4 p.m. on KNBC Channel 4 here in Los Angeles but check your local listings for show times in your area.

Lastly, we had a very special guest join us in the office today as former U.S. National Team head coach Bora Milutinovic stopped by to see Alexi, who of course played under Bora at the 1994 World Cup. We even managed to get Bora a new hat to wear and if you ask us, it looks great!


charlesj27 said...

Is it just me - or does that blazer / coat on David look "SMALL"? I'll probably kick myself in the head for talking about clothing styles and fashion... but, I'll be brief (so as to avoid my gag-reflexes from catching up with what I'm writing). I believe that David looks smart and charming in a shirt-sweater combination, or shirt-coat combination, or a shirt, tie, and suit combination. Sorry, David - but, the vest look is not working here (in my lowly opinion, of course). Okay - now let me write about soccer.
Wow, what a blast from the past... "Ol Bora - good to see that he's still looking and feeling well. Good for him that he's able to rest & relax in Mexico with wife and friends. He really did a remarkable feat by coaching five (5) different national teams in World Cups. Yep - he's in the history books for that. However, I'm still a BIG fan of Alex Ferguson, Guus Hiddink, Harry Redknapp, Roy Hodgson, and David Moyes. A great coach understands his/her team, as a collective, and as individuals; and, a great & successful coach understands all that plus their opposition, the different pitches at stadiums, and is in good with the refs!!!
I really do wish the very best for our LA Galaxy's current Head Coach - Ruud Gullit. I hope he will make a great, lasting impact with our LA Galaxy as a soccer organization. But, he's only going to get there with the support and help from his assistant coaches, the team, the LA Galaxy management, and the MLS admins / execs. So far, Ruud Gullit has made this team a more structured, disciplined, fit, and practiced team... and, that is a HUGE, ENORMOUS improvement from the previous two to three years. It's going to take the individual guts, will, and drive of the rest of the team to get our LA Galaxy to strive to become the "pinnacle" of MLS. That if we're on track is going to take another three to four years, in my mind.

teh phil said...

I see how it is, give famous people those hats, but leave season ticket holders who get to the game an hour early out to dry =P

Kidding of course. Landon definitely deserved the Goal of the Week...I can't wait for this Saturday's game against Chivas.

Beat the goats!!!

Anonymous said...

no reference to landon as player of the week?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chariesj27, I laughed when I reading your comment on David's fasion. It is nice and fun to read. Wish Galaxy best for the coming Saturday's game. Keep on good work. Fingers crossed.