Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fan Fest Recap

For those of you who missed the third annual Fan Fest on March 22, here is a quick recap of GM Alexi Lalas, Head Coach Ruud Gullit, Midfielder and Captain David Beckham, and Assistant Coach Cobi Jones addressing the fans.


charlesj27 said...

Believe me when I tell you all I know how critical... how valuable fan support - continued fan support is to any sport. Our LA Galaxy team has a superb bunch of guys... excellent sportsmen. I have no doubts about that. That being said - getting our "clocks cleaned" and "our tails handed back to us" at the 2008 MLS opener with a score-line of 4 - 0 is hard - very hard - for any "die-hard" LA Galaxy fan to bear. For myself, I am trying immensely hard to be positive... to be up-beat... to want and wish for much better outcomes for our LA Galaxy. But, the truth is... if LA Galaxy (all of its players are not giving and putting in their utmost and 100% into making this team a winning team)... then, please do not ask the same from its fans. Every player must work their respective "buns" off into making our LA Galaxy a winning team. Every team member must be more than proving themselves out on the field... they must do everything they can to make this team win again!!! We just do not want to be taken for another "Yippie Kai Yeah" joy-ride. The LA Galaxy charges a premium to all its fans to come and be a part of its games. As payors and participants in these games, we are expecting and demanding quality, full-effort, improvements in tactical and technical abilities, and hopefully way more wins than losses. But, in order to even grasp that, our LA Galaxy (team, coaches, staff, and management) MUST, MUST acknowledge that every other MLS team has taken tremendous steps to step up its play... its level. MLS teams in 2008 are not like MLS teams in 2007 nor 2006. Teams have brought in players into their teams for the sole-purpose of WINNING! I don't know of anyone who would feel comfortable with being called or known as "die-hard" fans of losers. I love this sport... I respect this sport... Not just in the USA - but all over. I do my very best to be loyal and to be professional and to be accountable. I am an LA Galaxy fan and I have and will continue to pay money out-of-my pocket to support this great team... But, I tell you this - I do NOT enjoy nor condone being taken for a "Yippie Kai Yeah" joyride!

Anonymous said...

Well writen, Charlesj27. Totally agree. Glad to see you post again. I was wondering where is 'Charlesj27' after last Saturday. I thought he must be so dishearted, disapointed to write anything again after that game. It is good to see your post again and hope Galaxy to have a good game tonight.