Monday, April 14, 2008

More Postgame Coverage

Nobody wants to relive a a defeat, especially one as difficult as Sunday's loss was, but here are some more quotes from the locker room and video from the game.

Mike Randolph:
"Iʼm very disappointed. I thought that the game was well within our reach, we just didnʼt do the little things to stay upfront. We werenʼt positioned right. We werenʼt finishing. In the end, they came through and finished on our mistakes."

"We dominated most of the match. Unluckily it didn't work out that way. You get a couple of chances here and there and you end up on top, so we just have to do better next time."

Brandon McDonald:
"Itʼs a difficult loss. We should have won that game. The game should have been 4-0. You learn from it, and hope it doesnʼt happen again."

"There were a lot of good things, a lot of positives, but we didn't come out with the result, and at the end of the day that's what matters."

Steve Cronin:
"It was kind of a weird game. There were a lot of ups and downs. We definitely could have put the game out of reach in the first half. Unfortunately, we gave up a goal at the end of the first half. We were lucky to get it back right after but as it went on, I think that the heat played a factor in our focus and as a result I don't know if we really deserved to win the game."

"We know Houston. We know they are going to come in and be a good team. We just have to regroup and get ready for Saturday night."


Ryan said...

Quote from soccerby ives blog:

When asked about Cronin at the season seat meeting, Lalas said "The starting position is his job to lose" I think he did just that on Sunday, "Butterfingers" Cronin it was nice knowing ya.

Four years of Gordon "trying" hard has left me with only one thought - If any of us reading this had been trying at our jobs for 4 years but didn't actually produce we'd probably be fired a long time ago.

Pete Vagenas - From Cienfuegos' retirement in 2003, you've had plenty of time to learn how not to have the game go in slow motion when you have possession and pass the ball forward. Time to hang up the boots, feel free and take Vanney with you.

Anonymous said...

looks like this blog is improving itself! guess you guys read all of the comments here eh? ;'s good! and this is the way it should be. one or two information a day..and more info on/after the match day! that's good!

by the way..for Cronin to be said that we didn't deserve to win yesterday was a retarded thing to say, as he was one of the factor of their lost..though not as big a factor as Vanney or Vagenas! the Galaxy team that played yesterday was more than deserved to win, if we're looking at their possessions and chances created alone! and Galaxy dominated the whole game yesterday! if's more that Galaxy didn't deserve to loose at all in the TFC game yesterday. and TFC only deserves the win yesterday because they got LUCKY and they DIDN'T GIVE UP until the end! but in terms of play..they're crap! i don't know how they'll face the bigger team in the league. they'll need more luck!

as for Galaxy..they'll need MORE BRAINS instead of luck in their forwards and defense!! god help them otherwise Becks will be starting to negotiate to get out of their team!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ryan It's time for Vanney to go and make way for some of the young tough players like "Scarface" Valentin

Anonymous said...

Wow "Ryan" -- maybe you should lighten up. Try to say something positive and encourage our players.

Anonymous said...

Why should Ryan lighten up? The team isn't playing well at all.

And its not like the players actually read this anyway.

Ryan said...

bte I didn't write that, I quoted it from the Soccer by Ives blog. I thought it was rather amusing and was sharing it and although negative I tend to agree with it.

However, as far as encouraging players go, I will say - I'll encourage them as soon as they encourage me when I'm at working.