Thursday, April 17, 2008

News Wrap

The preparation for Houston began in earnest today as Ruud and Co. put the first team through a quick, but precise session at the HDC.

Prior to the session, the reserves and trialists took on local side LA Blues, winning 1-0 behind an Edson Buddle goal. LA started the match with a lineup of Wicks, Gavin, Bermudez, Valentin, Roberts, Tudela, Vagenas, Alvarez, Sesay, Jordan and Buddle.

Juan Manuel Miranda and Tristan Bowen, the first player ever signed to the Galaxy Rios program, and a member of the U.S. Under 18 and 20 National Teams, came on as second half substitutes in the win.

And fans will now get a chance to see more of Bowen as he and the rest of the LA Galaxy have been added to the 2008-09 U.S. Soccer Development Academy. The Galaxy Rios will join 11 other teams, including the academies of FC Dallas and New England Revolution , beginning this fall.

In addition to the 12 new clubs, all 63 clubs who have been involved in the inaugural year of the Development Academy program will be returning in 2008-09. As with the initial class of Academy admissions, each club, including the Galaxy Rios, will enter an Academy team into both the U-15/16 and U-17/18 mixed age groups. Academy conferences will be realigned for next year’s season to reduce travel and continue to provide a diversity of meaningful competition.

We'll have more on the Developmental Academy and this weekend's game tomorrow.


charlesj27 said...

Glad to hear that Jose, Yordany, and Yenier are still playing and "trialing" with the team. I really wish and hope the best for them. I hope that all the coaches are really impressed with them, and like what they bring and produce. It's absolutely fantastic to hear that ALL of our LA Galaxy players get practices, warm-ups, and full-sided scrimmages whether it be 1st team or reserve team. Good! Good! Please, I hope that this continues well throughout the season! Interesting - several MLS teams are concerned about and putting the effort to get together Developmental Academies. A good, forward-thinking idea. Nice! I know that Chivas USA actively promotes and participates in their Developmental Academy.
I'm assuming that Carlos Ruiz, Ante Jazic, and Charles Alamo are all still injured and will not play in Saturday's game against Houston. Actually, I'm certain that Ante and Charles won't play - but, I'm curious about Carlos. How's his jogging and on-field practices going?
Just a head's up, guys - Columbus Crew, Real Salt Lake, and Colorado Rapids are looking, playing, and coming along better and better. All three of them are playing markedly improved soccer than last year. Competition is fierce and the "Play-to-Win" style is ever more present. Our players must NOT lose their intensity, concentration, and awareness. It only takes a several many seconds to a few minutes in this league to TURN the course of a game. Our players have got to keep continued attention and pressure! Finally, SHOTS-ON-GOAL... making them often, persisting, and from ALL of the forwards, especially - not just Landon... Play hard - play well! Go GALAXY!

charlesj27 said...

Well, Galaxy fans... we have picked up a player. But, it's not any of the Cuban ex-nationals. Too bad; I believe they were good, young, pacy players - with bright futures ahead of them. According, to what I read, "the players did not fit into the system that Coach Gullit was wanting to have and keep". It's basically 'PR' speak for "it's more trouble than it's worth at this time". I find it so disheartening that I, as an avid, hungry, excited LA Galaxy fan have to search & search many other soccer blogs and news sites in order to find out about what goes on with our team. All this conveys to me is that as long as tickets are being sold, merchandise are being bought, expensive, over-priced food is being sold at the HDC, and parking fees are being paid... the rest can just fall or lay where they may. Simply appalling... Simply tragic... that a sport so revered, so trusted, and so woven into the hearts & lives of people as soccer - all over the world - can left at the whim of corporate executives and green-backs.
Good luck at tomorrow's game, Galaxy - sorry for my attitude and bitterness... But, what I put in and have been offering to this organization has not - so far - been returned, in kind.

Ola said...

Hi, I'm new here.
Off topic, What is David Beckham doing in the MLS? He is too good for this league..
We miss you at Old Trafford