Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Great One Watches a Great Win

Wayne Gretzky was in attendance at this weekend's game and seemed to really enjoy himself watching the Galaxy dismantle Chivas USA. Always a fan of open, attacking hockey, Gretzky got to see that translate to soccer as Beckham, Donovan and Gordo put on a show for the capacity crowd.

Check out what Wayne had to say about his experience.

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charlesj27 said...

It was nice to hear that Wayne Gretzky enjoyed watching the game at the HDC (live!). Being at a classic derby game like Chivas USA vs. LA Galaxy is a really good way to show new-comers to this sport how exciting and engaging this great soprt of soccer can be. I, as a LA Galaxy fan (but, more so as a soccer fan) appreciated the comments from Wayne. You're welcome back anytime, Wayne... Try to see if you bring some more of your friends. What Wayne said of David Beckham is correct. David puts 110% of himself on the pitch when it's game-time. Thank You, David - we are so, so appreciative of your hard-work and leadership. I hope that our LA Galaxy team (especially the youngsters) grow and learn from all of their drills, practices, scrimmages, and MLS matches. ALL of the LA Galaxy players must put their complete effort, concentration, training, and focus when they play. Maintaining posession, going forward, controlling the tempo, and keep attacking, and finishing as much chances as possible!!! Go GALAXY!!!