Friday, April 4, 2008

Reserve Game Update

Great job by the boys tonight winning 2-0 over the Quakes, but also a great job by you the fans. The Home Depot Center was rocking all night long.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a good atmosphere at the reserve game which is being played on University Field #1. Please note that the kickoff time for this game has been moved forward one hour to 11 a.m.!!

See you out there tomorrow and we'll have more for you about tonight's win and the week to come.


Anonymous said...

Great job? Really? You thought that that 2nd half was good football? If the Galaxy play that way against Houston, they will get killed. Gordon really needs to step up...tying your shoe in the middle of a rush? Really?

I am a STH and a I love when the G's win, but I thought they took played a good 1st half and the Quakes just didn't want it in the 2nd. So glad to get the win, but let's not kid ourselves about the level of play.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any pics of Kobe Bryant hanging out with the team? saw some of him at the stadium and with the galaxy jersey, but little else.

charlesj27 said...

For anyone that has not had the chance to attend reserve games... whenever, you get the time and chance, go and attend. Why? For these reasons: 1) the games are almost always FREE; 2) it's one of the best ways to see some of our senior LA Galaxy team members more closely (proximity-wise); 3) it's a laid-back atmosphere & you're FIELD-SIDE (so bring your folding chairs, caps/hats, sunglasses, and water); 4) it's one of the most direct ways to see for yourself how the developmental players are handling 60 or 90 minute games; and 5) it's also not a bad way to hit up either coaches or players for some autographs either before or after the game.
Final Score for yesterday's reserve game was 2 - 1 (San Jose winning), I believe. I say, I believe, because, I thought the score should have been 2 - 2 (TIE). But, as you may have guessed some of the linesmen and Ref calls were (let's say) disadvantageous.
Israel Sesay, Bryan Jordan, Michael Gavin, Josh Tudela, Josh Wicks, Troy Roberts, Julian Valentin - these guys worked a FULL 90 minutes without substitution. And, they played with spirit, drive, and purpose. Israel Sesay & Bryan Jordan got hit & badgered again and again from the SJE defensive line. Bravo, youngsters - Great to see you guys fight and get right back up! I believe for reserve games, it's Cobi that's taking over as coach of these games. Good - I'm glad that he gets the time and opportunity to learn the job. Coach Ruud was there also - keeping a CLOSE EYE on all our youngsters... Love it - Love it - I am so happy that he's such a professional and loves this sport... [NOTE: our LA Galaxy reserve squad did not have options to sub in any players... but, it seemed that San Jose Earthquakes had a LOT more options for players than we did - HUH????
Next Sunday - April 13th - LA Galaxy vs. Toronto FC @ HDC. Then, teh following Saturday - April 19th - LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo @ the HDC. By then, we'll understand where our LA Galaxy stands. GO GALAXY !!!