Thursday, April 3, 2008

Preview: LA vs. SJ

As we look to bounce back with a strong performance tonight against NoCal rivals the San Jose Earthquakes, here are two videos to get you up-to-date with the latest info. The first video is from training on April 1 with a look at what the team needs to do following Saturday's defeat, then the second looks ahead to tonight's match against San Jose.

Thursday Preview - April 2:

Training Recap - April 1:

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charlesj27 said...

2008 Home Opener Results: LA Galaxy 2 - San Jose 0. YEAHHHHH!!!! Thanks the soccer gods... Jesus, finally! LA Galaxy played good, strong pressure-driven soccer. Excellent! This style is very much necessary and very much needed against ALL MLS teams now. MLS play is a lot faster, a lot smarter, and the physical challenges are immense!!! LA Galaxy must... must continue to play pressure-driven soccer throughour this season. Landon Donovan said that the plays needed to be straight-forward and simple. YEP! That approach worked today against San Jose. Head Coach Ruud Gullit went with a 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 formation. Thank you, Head Caoch - Thank You for listening to our loud screams, chants, and raves. If we had a fully fit and slick Ruiz up-front - Wow, it would have been unbelievable!
Honestly, LA Galaxy could have EASILY, EASILY had a score line of 4 - 0. There were two goals that Alan Gordon completely, clumsily missed! It was awful to miss such, excellent, visionary service from David and Landon. Not even an USL forward would have missed those opportunities - they were exceptionally crossed and passed balls. I swear - I still think Alan Gordon is hurt or not fully fit. Why is he SLOW and limping all the time? Yes, he does great to WIN posession in tight spaces. Yes, he is good at distributing the ball to the other LA Galaxy players... and, he is willing to play all 90 minutes of the game. But, as a goal-poaching forward... It's like he stumbles and mis-shoots 6 - 8 yards from goal. Like I said, LA Galaxy could have easily taken this game 4 - 0. If they did it would have completely erased their Goal Average defecit.
All of the LA Galaxy players poured out their work-rate, energy, and determination in this game. Thank You. This MUST, MUST continue - the season has ONLY begun... and, our LA Galaxy has a LOT more harsher, smarter, tougher opponents to face!