Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Time with the Sponsors

Before their lunch this afternoon in New Jersey, the entire Galaxy squad spent some time meeting and greeting a series of representatives from Herbalife, the club's official sponsor. The club holds a few events like this on the road every season as a way to meet some of their biggest supporters from around the country.
The club has held similar meet and greets around the world on preseason and postseason tours, as well as the ones that are held in select MLS cities. Each time, the fans are able to meet, get autographs from and spend time with a handful of players, or in this case, nearly 20 of them!
Suffice to say, all of the Herbalife reps left the room very happy and even bigger Galaxy fans than they had been before.


Anonymous said...

Herbalife stinks. Galaxy needs a higher profile sponsor.

Anonymous said...

This is how you should do the meet and greet for STHs!! How come we get the weird meet and greet with several long lines and confusion? No bueno!

Any for what it's worth, to the person who said Herbalife isn't high profile, you obviously don't know the company, it's HUGE.