Saturday, August 21, 2010

Locker Room Reaction to 1-0 Loss in San Jose

SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 2010 -- SJ Earthquakes 1, LA GALAXY 0


Thoughts on the game:
“That’s certainly a game that we gift-wrapped for them. No question about that. Our start of the game was poor and it cost us in the end. That’s a game we really should have gotten three points out of. But we didn’t, and there is nobody else to point the finger at but ourselves. We didn’t play well, and I like I said I feel that we gift-wrapped the three points for San Jose today”.

On Earthquakes’ Goalie Jon Busch:
“He made the save on Landon (Donovan) in the first half on the one-on-one and some of the other shots were right at him, but he held on. He played very clean when dealing with some of our shots. Give him credit, he did a good job and I might say he was the player of the match; he did a good job”.


On Galaxy’s Performance:
“It’s hard to believe we didn’t score in that game. Give them credit, they defended well. (Jon) Busch played well and they got the goal that they needed which allowed them to sit and defend from there. It’s unfortunate, but I’m still proud of how we played, we just have to finish our chances”.

On playing the Earthquakes in 2010:
“Both times we’ve played them, we’ve given them early goals. My guess is if either of those games had been scoreless before we scored, they would have had no chance and we would have won easily. Once they have the chance to sit back and defend that a big advantage for them. They have two big center backs that can just sit and clear balls out of the back and it makes it difficult to score on them. Should they make the playoffs and we face them again, then we’ll have to be better and make sure we don’t give up an early goal”.


On giving up an early goal:
"On the road that's always tough to comeback from. I thought we had a few good chances... Jon Busch did a good job of keeping in the game."

On San Jose's performance:
"They packed it in and they did what they needed to do to come out with the victory. They did a good job."


On his first start since undergoing Sports Hernia surgery in June:
"It was great to get a start and get back on the field after a lengthy injury, but obviously we were looking to get three point and we came up a bit short by not getting so there is a lot of disappointed."

On not scoring a goal:
"It was one of those games. Jon Busch obviously made some big saves. There were some chances we could have done a lot better with-- we either didn't put on frame or put kind of in his bread basket."

On moving forward:
"Next game we will be better, we have to put this one behind us. Even though we lost, we played fairly well we just gave a away a crappy goal to start the game and then didn't take our chances well."


On the result:
“I’m very happy. Obviously L.A. had chances to score, and to get a clean sheet against a team like that shows the character in our dressing room right now. We’ve had two clean sheets in a row at home. We got the one goal, probably could have had a couple more, but I’m very happy not only for our players, but the fans that follow us and for the club. It’s a good position to be in and it’s in our hands to see where we go from here.”

On the performance of goalkeeper Jon Busch:
“Jon had a great game. We brought him in to make sure we were going to be solid in that position and it proved today that it was great move for us. You know Joe (Cannon) broke his ankle earlier in the week and he would have played in the game, he played very well against Kansas City, but we have a good goalkeeper in Jon and I thought he was outstanding today, outstanding.”


On two straight home wins:
“It was huge, obviously, and (the Los Angeles Galaxy) are a quality team. We know we played them well last time and we were unfortunate not to win last game. We believe in this locker room. Regardless if we play great or we don’t play great, we believe we’re in every game and we have a chance to pick up points in every game. We got our goal from (Chris) Wondolowski again and the other guys in front of me did a tremendous job and we came away with three (points) tonight.”

On his shutout performance:
“That’s what I get paid to do. I get paid to catch crosses and save shots. (In the) second half especially I was a little busier than normal but it’s fun. For me it’s fun, it’s a challenge. I love being busy. I’d rather have that than stand there and count the fans in the stands because that’s a little boring.”


On his game-winning goal:
“I try to pride myself on being opportunistic, try to make the best runs I can. Bobby Convey played a great ball in, Cornell (Glen) battled for it, and they had a little miscommunication in the back. I just continued my run and (was) able to pick up the pieces at the end of it.”

On the performance of the defense:
“We really pride ourselves on that. Like I said, team defending starts up front but I thought our midfield and our backs did a great job. Jon (Busch) had a great game. That one save on (Landon) Donovan, if that’s not the save of the week there must be some amazing save somewhere else because that was something else. He’s a great goalkeeper. Hands up to all of our great defenders back there. They’ve been playing really well and just getting the job done.”

On his debut:
“I am very happy to be here in San Jose and I was glad to make my debut today. I appreciate the support from the fans and the club today and this week. The important thing is that the team got a big win and three important points. We are looking forward to next week, and hopefully the team can get another good result.”


Anonymous said...

Ricketts gifted them that goal. He definitely should have had that. He was lost in space & it cost The Galaxy @least one point.

Anonymous said...

Ricketts was not on his game yesterday and Galaxy paid. We still love you Mr. Ricketts. Make it up to us next week!

Anonymous said...

Though he did make that one mistake, he was actually pretty solid the rest of the game. He made a couple of tidy saves when San Jose had chances. The blame isn't on Ricketts - it's on the offense.

Anonymous said...

I think we all have to realize that other teams are on to our strengths and will continue to capialize on any mistakes. Play like you played in NY. Get better Greg.

Anonymous said...

Not enough firepower to come from behind...This is an issue Arena needs to address. There will be good teams in the playoffs.