Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ready for the Quakes

After having a game last Saturday, the Galaxy go a full week between games as they travel north to the Bay Area tomorrow ahead of Saturday's game against San Jose.

Given the club's schedule the rest of the regular season, this will be the norm, with seven of their final 10 games being played on a Saturday and only once do they have fewer than six days between contests. Here is what some of the guys had to say about the favorable schedule going into the final third of the season.
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charlesj27 said...

Wish our guys the best of luck going up to SJ to crack open the Quakes. I hope Bruce, Dave, and Cobi have taken into account the differences in the pitch quality, thickness, dimensions, and the fact that they are really looking to climb over us to gain ground. This cannot happen, LA G players. We must be the agressor and push hard for early goals before the first 65 minutes. We need to play with cool heads and plenty of attacking from mid to fwds. Our backline has to hold against Cornell Glen, Bobby Convey, Arturo Alvarez, and Ryan Johnson.

Anonymous said...

The Galaxy need to play 90 plus minutes every game with full effort(s) if they want to win the Championship.