Monday, August 30, 2010

Look Back One Last Time at Kansas City Defeat

For those gluttons for punishment out there, look back one more time at Saturday's defeat to the Wizards and hear what Bruce, Todd and Chris Klein had to say after the game.
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charlesj27 said...

Look... I get the fact that our GM & HC Bruce, along with rest of staff, "gets or understands" that playing against KC Wizards was difficult to say the least and there weren't finishing of chances (ie: lady luck on our side) such that we could get that momentum back and scrap for a draw. Alright, understood. But, is that really the approach that a club and team wanting to win, living to win relies on for 90+ minutes. NO! SORRY! But, NO!!! I know Bruce knows that... Dave knows that... and, certainly Landon knows that... Guys, please - we need calibre, quality, and absolutely, drilled and practiced quick attacking... attacking that involves MULTIPLE manuevers and lines/lanes of feed-in from left-to-center-to-right. I know the coaching staff knows exactly what I'm talking about. Either this "slump" is a dead-locked salary cap issue or there really are players who just want to scrape on by and collect a check and call it a day. I apologize for the brazen statements - but, truly, I am NOT CONVINCED!
In any case, thanks for whatever video or pics or audio that comes our way.