Monday, August 30, 2010

Redemption Week

The Galaxy completed Monday’s training session at The Home Depot Center with a series of five-on-five games that yielded some impressive goals as well as clever passing and tactics from both sides. Today was the first training session leading up to Saturday’s game with the Chicago Fire and the team left no doubt that they are completely focused on winning the game and getting back to the form that has led them to the top of the league standings.

Today’s training session began with and extended warmup and a mix of drills that focused on fundamentals and precision passing that featured plenty of one-on-one instruction from Bruce Arena and Dave Sarachan.

David Beckham was running and cutting at full speed and looked impressive in five-on-five action and continues to prepare himself for a late season return with the team. He set up his teammates with some inch-perfect passes and also knocked home an impressive goal with a well placed shot past Josh Saunders. He even found time to share a laugh with Eddie Lewis on a throw-in midway through one game.

Gregg Berhalter continued with his running program in the hopes of returning to game action this weekend. He also stayed on the field after the training session to speak with Omar Gonzalez about defensive tactics and positioning and continues to mentor the young defender.

The five-on-five games maintained a furious pace throughout as both sides were attacking and counter-attacking constantly to create some impressive scoring opportunities. None of it fazed Donovan Ricketts who looked impressive as always with some diving saves and defensive play. He certainly faced plenty of powerful strikes during today’s training session including a Tristan Bowen screamer that he saved with ease.

The Galaxy will continue to train at The Home Depot Center through Thursday before leaving for Chicago with hopes of leveling the season series after a 3-2 loss at the beginning of August.


charlesj27 said...

Are these summations and statements nice to read? Sure. Are they exactly true to the "t"? Don't know... Am not an insider with the decoder ring, the hologram badge, and the secret password. The players could indeed have been so "amazing" and "clever" and "competitive"... if that's the case - Awesome. But, we, the fans that come in week after week and hand over over our money to see a team in our town and in our hearts get "WHOOPED" and "SCHOOLED" by an athletic, fighting, dominant, expressive, not-to-mention scoring opponent like KC Wizards... these stated words and expletives don't really stick and pass the muster. Words can be stated back and forth all day long... it don't mean a thing, if there's NO GOALS TO BACK THEM UP!!! And, right now, our team have definite issues with completing scoring goal tallies during competitions... and, other teams are within a point or two of over-taking us. So, you can understand why I'm pissed.

charlesj27 said...

By the way, Chicago Fire is not the same team as KC Wizards. KC Wizards had players with height, muscle tone, speed, and wingers that kept on invading and pressing and causing all sorts of havoc. KC Wizards have players that took us to the ground time and time again. We will not get the same treatment from Chicago Fire. I will not blame our back line or our defensive midfielders on our run of form... the deficiencies lie at other positions - and, for sure Bruce, Dave, and Landon know it... know it... know it!

Anonymous said...

All this training doesn't mean anything without 3 points this weekend.

And every single week we hear the same BS, the Galaxy are looking to get back to winnings ways, etc, etc. Just do it. Why the hell did Donovan bring back the US's knack for getting scored on early with him?