Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back in Business

After a day off on Wednesday, the Galaxy returned to training this afternoon with a high energy session that began in earnest the club’s preparations for Saturday’s game at Buck Shaw Stadium against the rival San Jose Earthquakes. Bruce Arena, still recovering from Dengue Fever, led the team through a series of crossing and finishing drills as well as a game of possession.
With the conditions on the day closely mimicking the conditions that the team will face in the Bay Area on Saturday, the guys began the day with some possession, that featured David Beckham donning the orange bib that indicated he was playing for which ever team was in possession of the ball.

After more than 15 minutes of that, the group broke up to do some attacking movements, with David, Klein and Stephens sending crosses in from the right and Todd, Alex and Eddie whipping balls in from the left for the group of forwards that included Landon, Edson, Mike and Tristan. The goal for the drill was simple, get in behind the defense and get shots off. But as simple as that sounds, it was not all fun and games for the Galaxy's attacking players, as they had to go up against the best defense in MLS...their own.

Training continued with a small sided game before finishing as most of these do, with a competitive finishing game that saw a number of different players firing balls into the box for the forwards to try and put past Josh or Brian with their head or on the volley.


The Fan said...

With the training ended with a small sided game..did Beckham played too? He has been involving in the ball possession game, that means he is good to play now! Still can't believe that he is back playing again this soon!!

I thought until today he is still training alone and concentrate with stratching his muscles and getting his fitness back slowly and all that..but with this progress..I can say surely that he is an incredible athlete!

Anonymous said...

I hope that David can get back to his form & fitness. The Galaxy & The MLS need him to make an impact now. He is a well recognized soccer / futbol player around the world & his playing again could help the MLS obtain more great players from around the World!