Friday, November 28, 2008

Oceania All-Stars Add a Pair

The squad for our opponent in next weekend's friendly in New Zealand has grown by two as goalkeeper Mark Bosnich and midfielder Edgar Davids have been added to the squad. Bosnich hails from Australia, while Davids is from the South American nation of Suriname and played for Holland. He will serve as a guest player for the Oceania All-Stars.

We're bringing a guest player in Leonard Griffin, so I guess that it is only fair for our opponents to have one as well.

If you want to learn more about either of these players, check our their profiles here and here thanks to our good friends at wikipedia.

Also, in case you forgot, Davids spent a few days in Los Angeles earlier this summer training with the club and his good friend Ruud Gullit. It now appears that he was merely spying on us to provide a scouting report for his new team.


the fan said...

Spying? If he indeed reports anything..they would have nothing as well as the Gs since then has changed their coache/manager and style of play.

As for the is a wonder if they would get a draw at all. Even though Becks will be there, without genuine strikers there's nothing much to be done. UNLESS..Galaxy have improved their defence in these past weeks.

Good luck to the Gs!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Thanks for the updates. Appreciate it. It'll be interesting to see how much of the hunger, fight, tenacity, and exceptional ball-control is still inside Edgar Davids. Who are all of the players playing for New Zeland / Oceania? Have the roster for them been finalized?
Also, what about the Pan-Pacific Tournament that we were invloved in last year at the off-season? I know Houston has made it into the CONCACAF qualifying group - so, I'm not sure if they can spare sendign their team to be involved in it this year. I think I heard there was still some talk of holding the Pan-Pacific Tournament in Australia - since, the exhibition visit to Australia was successful last year.
Wanted to give a well-worth mention to the Youth Academy Showcase games that is happening in Lancaster next weekend. I think it's on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I want to wish our Galaxy RIOS players tremendous fortitude, cohesiveness, fight, clarity, and dominance when they play. Good luck, Galaxy RIOS!!!

Anonymous said...

When it says that Davids was at the club "Spying" it was said as a joke! For you to take that serious says something about you The Fan. lol WOW some people!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys should have someone update the rosters page on the team website. Would be nice to look like we are on top of things here in LA.

Anonymous said...

Thank god they are not playing the all-blacks.

Anonymous said...

We have Leonard Griffin. They bring in Edgar Davids. And you think that is "only fair"??

Anyway, maybe our keepers can pick up a few tips by watching Mark Bosnich.