Monday, November 24, 2008

Protection TIme

Before we unveil the Galaxy's Protected and Unprotected Lists ahead of Wednesday's Expansion Draft, we'll tell you that the club today acquired Jovan Kirovski from San Jose for a conditional pick in the 2010 Supplemental Draft. Kirovski, who played with the Galaxy in 2004 and 2005, has trained with the club for the last couple of weeks and is expected to accompany the team to New Zealand (the final travel roster will be unveiled following Wednesday's Expansion Draft)next week.

And with no further adieu, here are the Galaxy's official Protected and Unprotected Lists. Just a reminder, all teams could only protect 11 players and the Galaxy could only leave one of their three international players unprotected. Additionally, all Generation adidas players were automatically protected but did not count against a team's 11-man list.

David Beckham – Midfielder (International Player)
Edson Buddle – Forward
Landon Donovan – Forward
Sean Franklin – Defender
Alan Gordon – Forward
Ante Jazic – Defender
Bryan Jordan – Forward
Eddie Lewis – Midfielder
Brandon McDonald – Midfielder
Alvaro Pires – Midfielder (International Player)
Troy Roberts – Defender

Additionally, forwards Israel Sesay and the newly-signed Tristan Bowen were automatically protected as members of the Generation adidas program.

That means that the following 17 Galaxy players will be available for selection by Seattle in Wednesday’s expansion draft.

Vardan Adzemian – Defender
Charles Alamo – Goalkeeper
Ely Allen – Midfielder
Jeremy Barlow – Midfielder
Steve Cronin – Goalkeeper
Eduardo Dominguez – Defender (International Player)
Joe Franchino – Midfielder
Michael Gavin – Defender
Jovan Kirovski – Forward
Chris Klein – Defender
Mike Munoz – Midfielder
Mike Randolph – Defender
Josh Saunders – Goalkeeper
Josh Tudela – Midfielder
Peter Vagenas – Midfielder
Julian Valentin – Defender
Josh Wicks – Goalkeeper

Defenders Scott Bolkan and Greg Vanney each retired after the season, meaning that they were on neither of the lists.


Chad said...

Looks like we can kiss Chris Klein goodbye. If I was Seattle, he or Mike Randolph are the only two I'd touch with a ten foot pole.

Anonymous said...

Why would they leave Klein open oh man I hope they do not take Klein.

Anonymous said...

go and tell Bruce he must have made a mistake... How can Roberts be proteced, but neither Klein or Valentin?!

I'll cross all my fingers and toes, hoping they both stay G's!


thanks for the infos tough.

At which time PT can we expect the results on wednesday and the travel roster ?

Nick said...

I can see the logic in not protecting Cronin because Seattle already has Keller, but I would protected Klein before Pires, who was horrid last year as a holding midfielder. He should not be with the team next year, let alone protected. There are better and cheaper guys out there. Same argument for Randolph over Pires. Roberts is a bit of a question mark also. I would not have protected him either over Randolph or Klein.

Watch Kirovski get selected and us lose a pick for nothing...

Nicole said...

Nick, the Galaxy's hands were tied. They had to protect Pires - it was either him or Dominguez that had to be protected. Remember, you can only leave one international unprotected. Pires was the lesser of 2 evils!

Anonymous said...

Pires is on the list due to the fact the club has to protect at least two internationals.

I can see the future now.

Mighty Mike is chosen and he comes to LA, makes a run with a through pass and scores on John Conway(who we acquire from his falling out with NY)

Gabe said...

Guys, calm down. Klein will not be taken by Seattle. He is getting up there in age, and has a big salary. They won't take him. And even if they do, he probably wouldn't have started for us next year anyway, with Franklin at RB and Becks at RM. Don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Seattle FC also have a pretty decent player pool of their own that they can tap into. The unprotected listed here today are just players that can be chosen from. Seattle FC has to consider player age, player position, player injuries, player skill, etc... Not only that more than likely they will pick a player that actually wants to come up to Seattle and play for them.
Next, just because there are 11 players in the protected pool... does not mean they are completely worry-free. Most of the time, the players in the protected list are kept there, because the club already have interested parties elsewhere that are willing to do business and negotiate. Yes, LA Galaxy is our endeared and beloved Soccer Club... but, it's still a business first and foremost.
The players on the Unprotected List have been notified... now, it is up to each of them and each of them alone to come to grips with what they want to pursue. Bruce, Dave, Cobi, and Paul know their duties and parts... and, they are not there to play favorites. Players from this point on have to deeply, knowingly, and committedly want to be with the LA Galaxy for the entirity of next season. That means they have work their professional "tushes" off if they even want to get considered to stay on. Hard work, passion, desire, love of the game, relentlessness, unflinching desire to win and play tough... plus respect for this great club & organization... If they don't have these... Bruce, Dave, Cobi, and Paul shouldn't even bother.

Jackie said...

ok beckham is always in international so we leave 2 great midfielders unprotected that is horrible! we coulda let roberts go considering we need a strong defense and klien is part of it they shoulda protected him!!

Kat said...

Klein?!? Klein is unprotected?!? I like everyone on the protected list except Pires, I really do, but why on earth should we hold onto relief players over our most consistent starter?!?

I see that the insanity in the front office has not diminished since this time last year.

luvbecks said...

This must be the stupidest thing. When will the MLS get real? This is worse than AYSO.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Guys, Klein is abysmal as a defender. He has no speed to keep up with even average forwards. He has no field sense defensively (I saw Kenny Cooper juke him out of his socks in the season finale). He gets dispossessed easily with the ball at his feet 1-v-1. Yes, he overlaps and crosses well but those talents don't begin to make up for his defensive deficiencies. At best, he's a reserve midfielder, nothing more.

Protecting Gordon makes no sense. He has no touch or pace and his skill is below average.

Exposing Valetin is risky because he has the guts that the central defense needs. Exposing Randolph is risky because he has excellent speed and is a better defender than people realize.

But Gullit probably screwed his head up by trying to play him at left midfield. He didn't play very much this year, so maybe his stock has plummetted?

Also, don't forget that Seattle may have trades lined up contingent on certain players being exposed or protected. The 10 new Sounders to be chosen won't necessarily be on the team come opening day (look at the most recent expansion drafts). Toronto traded all its choices before even playing a game.

Anonymous said...

Klein? Really? Klein? What is wrong with the coaches man!!??

Kick Pires out of the L.A. roster, keep Klein, and they should've protected Kirovski, Bad move Bruce, Bad move.


Anonymous said...

Jazic is awful....Why protect him??????