Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hitting the Road and Scrimmaging at Home

While the season has been over for nearly a month now, the coaching staff has remained busy taking in a series of college games around the country, preparing for January's MLS SuperDraft, as well as some internationals. While all of the coaches, as well as Paul Bravo, have been watching a series of local college games all year long, Bravo hit the road last week, along with Trevor James and Dave Sarachan to check out some of the conference tournaments that were held.

Bravo went to Dallas for the Conference USA Tournament, while James went north to Madison, Wisc. for the Big 10 Tournament. Sarachan pulled double duty on the East Coast, first heading to Tampa for the Big East Tournament and then up to Cary, N.C. for the ACC Tournament.

Here on the home front, the Galaxy once again wrapped up the week with a inter-squad scrimmage.

Here were the two sides.

Grey: Matt Jordan, Leonard Griffin, Eduardo Dominguez, Brandon McDonald, Jack Stewart, Michael Gavin, Josh Tudela, Simon Elliott, Chris Klein, Ely Allen, Bryan Jordan.

Orange: Josh Wicks (Josh Saunders 46'), Ante Jazic, Cedric Uras, Julian Valentin, Troy Roberts, Mike Randolph, Alvaro Pires, Greg Vanney, Mike Munoz, Jovan Kirovski, Israel Sesay.

Simon Elliott left the game after 60 minutes as a precaution with a leg injury, leaving his team down a man. As a result, Greg Vanney played the final 15 minutes with the Grey team, meaning that each team played with 10 men for 15 minutes.

Michael Gavin and Israel Seasy each had goal called back for offside late in the first half and the game would end scoreless. However, with a weekend's worth of bragging rights on the line, the game went to penalties.

The first 14 penalty takers converted their spot kicks, leaving the score tied at 7-7 before Cedric Uras, a guest player from Litex Lovech in Bulgaria who played with Greg Vanney at Bastia from 2002-2005, hit the post. That left Josh Tudela to calmly score the winner and give his team bragging rights for a few days at least.


Anonymous said...

Great update. I was getting worried after not having heard anything for a couple of days. Appreciate it. Thank the high heavens - at last - careful, note-worthy coaches being diligent and doing homework before January comes around. Finally, the importance of preparation and knowing who all are out there in advance... these are the things that had to be done. Good. I hope that Bruce, Dave, Paul, and Trevor were able to take camcorders with them - so that they can atleast film, store, adn compare with each other what they have noticed. That would be the smart thing to do!
Once again, glad... glad... glad that players are being invited and given playing time and opportunities to show what they can bring on the pitch. I believe there's about 12 more days before the team has to fly out to NZ for the exhibition game. Is there going to be any practice sessions next week? Next week is Thanksgiving week, right? The players are going to have the opportunity to rest up, relax, and re-build their mental & physical fortitude for about 2 full months before they have to rigorously get back into shape & form for pre-season 2009. I'm hoping everything goes very well for David and Landon in Europe in the beginning months of 2009. I hope both of them get the playing time, strengthening time, and conditioning time that each of them deserves from their respective clubs.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Franchino?

the fan said...

And what happened to Becks?