Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Landon to Train Abroad; Franklin Gets the Call

Two big pieces of news have been announced today as Landon Donovan will train in Germany with Bayern Munich for 10 days and Sean Franklin has been called in to the U.S. National Team for a four day training camp in Denver.

Here is the press release regarding Landon.

And here is the one regarding Sean, who will find out on Thursday if he is the first Galaxy player ever to be named Rookie of the Year.

Good luck to both guys!


Anonymous said...

Wow - Landon finally gets his wish to train & hopefully make into a premier European team like Bayern Munich. I hope he does very well. He's naturally gifted with speed and agility. I believe (or I hope) that playing in Bundesliga will improve his competitiveness and aggressiveness as a forward and striker.
Way to go, Sean for making into the USMNT. You work very hard and you deserve all teh chances you get. One request - please, do NOT get injured! We absolutely need you for 2009.

Anonymous said...

i hope landon stays with the galaxy for one more season we need to lift that mls cup again

Anonymous said...

Please let Landon go to Europe if there's an offer he'd like to take.