Friday, November 21, 2008

Bowen on the Scoresheet

Tristan Bowen is currently is Spain with the U.S. Under-20 National Team, and he got himself on the scoresheet on Wednesday against Real Madrid. Bowen scored the second goal of the game for the U.S., tying the score at 2-2 in the 29th minute.

However, Real led 4-2 at the half and went on to win 5-3, with Bowen playing the opening 45 minutes.

Then on Thursday, Bowen played 90 minutes up front for the U.S. in a 0-0 draw with Atletico Madrid.

The U.S. rounds out the trip on Saturday against Rayo Vallecano.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Tristan. Nice! It's great that the U-20s and, I'm sure, the U-23s get these awesome opportunities to train, practice, and play against international opponents. Thanks for the updates. Please continue to keep us informed, as much as possible. This weekend is going to be a fun-filled weekend in LA (namely, at the HDC) for a great many soccer fans, supporters, and two teams that have fought and clawed their way to the 2008 MLS Play-Offs. I hope the play-off game is going to be action-packed and intense.

Anonymous said...

Galaxy RIOS played this Saturday. Opponent: Real SOCAL. The Real SOCAL U-16, and especially, the U-18 squad are strong, thorough, cohesive, and fast-paced teams. However, I must say that the calls made from both games (U-16 & U-18) were annoyingly frequent and very much "card happy". Our Galaxy RIOS got side-swiped by the cards this Saturday. But, in no way, should this be any indication of how thoroughly they tried, and tried to fight, to battle back, and create opportunities.
U-16 Squad result: 1(GalRIOS) - 1(Real SOCAL).
u-18 Squad result: 2(GalRIOS) - 4(Real SOCAL).
It must be noted that the Real SOCAL squads have played considerably more games together as a group. The Real SOCAL's U-18 squad ball movement on turf was crisp, fast, and very thorough with mostly two touches at most. And, they put on immense pressure against our Galaxy RIOS. But, again - our guys battled to the last whistle as best as they could. And, I do see improvements in their cohesiveness and intention / direction. The sad/tough part is... these guys will not be able to play together again after Dec.05th (I think) for 3 months... not until March 2009. And, then somehow - they've all got to be on the same page again? How? Our guys played hard and tried even harder. So, in my eyes - they did the utmost best they could. I know... I know that they would be better given more time, more training, more games together!