Friday, November 14, 2008

Taking The Weekend Off

But, before we do, here is more than enough audio, video and links to keep you happy until Monday.

First, 2008 MLS Gatorade Rookie of the Year Sean Franklin spoke with the media yesterday via conference call shortly after the announcement was made. Sean also sat down with us last month for a Q&A that ended up on The headline reads "Galaxy to the core."

Here's a sampling of that Q&A, as well as audio of the conference call.

Do you still remember the day you got drafted?
"Yeah, I was with the draft out in Baltimore, Md., with my mom and girlfriend. I remember the night before, me and my roommate (Eric Avila, who was drafted by FC Dallas) were messing around about what we would say if we got drafted and by whom. It was a fun experience. (Laugh)"

Where you a fan of the Galaxy growing up?
"I was. I didn’t always watch soccer, but I always played it and liked it and I was a huge Cobi Jones fan growing up, so the Galaxy was all I knew."

Years later your favorite player growing up is now your coach, how’s that working out?
"He’s been nothing but helpful. He’s been the assistant coach and was head coach for one game and done a great job. It’s nice to be able to play for him and it was an honor getting to meet him at the draft."

Your first Beckham encounter?
"Real casual. I was trying to be as professional as I can so I was like, 'hey,' and said, 'What’s up?' My friends make fun of me because they’re like, 'you didn’t go crazy?' And no. I was 'Hey, Hello.' I know he’s my teammate, I know all the stuff he’s accomplished so I just tried to be as professional as I can."

What is the most frequently asked question you get?
"That one. That’s like the first question I get (from people). Friends and family want to know what Beckham is like. Did I shake his hand? Was he like, “what’s up?” It’s pretty crazy."

Have you been able to absorb everything that’s happened to you yet?
"I did not think it was going to happen. This is crazy still. It’s like a shock still. It’s a shock to all my family. All my friends are, “it’s so crazy that you are really playing."

What is more important to you, winning an award or playoffs?
"Playoffs. I’ve said it a couple of times already, I’d rather go to playoffs than win an award."

What does Sean Franklin’s future look like?
"My future? Hopefully good. I’m enjoying being in L.A. The fans have been good, the facilities are great. I’m glad my family and girlfriend are here and that they get to come to see me play. I like it here in L.A."

Any aspiration of playing in Europe?
"Oh definitely. I would love to have a chance to go to Europe one day, whether it’s in a couple of years or three years from now. But if I don’t, MLS is great, and I wouldn’t mind starting my career here and ending it here."

The National Team?
"That would be the highlight of my career. I played with the youth 20s and the Youth 23s and there’s only one more step, which is the full team. Playing for my country in a World Cup would just be icing, icing on the cake."

Good news involving the Galaxy's young guys was abundant this week at The Home Depot Center. The Galaxy also announced the signing of 17-year-old Tristan Bowen. Here's audio of an interview with Tristan.

Also, two players on our Youth Development Program, Alejandro Covarrubias (pictured) and David Velasquez, were invited to participate in an upcoming U.S. Under-18 National Team Mega-Camp, from which 18 players will be selected to represent the Red, White and Blue in a tournament in Australia.

One of those players, Covarrubias, was discovered back in June at one of the LA Galaxy's Serie de Campeones tournaments in San Bernardino. Serie de Campeones is a program that provides independent Hispanic teams a place to play in. Since joining up with us, Covarrubias has become a regular on the club's U-18 Academy Tam and been added to the U.S. U-18 Player Poll.

Listen to the audio to learn more about Covarrubias and click on the links to find out more about Serie de Campeones and the tournament's finals, which are taking place this weekend at the HDC.

Finally, if you missed out on attending the Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation's Day on the Links tournament this year, then you really missed out. Check out this video for a recap of this year's activities.

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Anonymous said...

Once again, appreciate... appreciate the updates (audios & videos). I sincerely wish that our LA Galaxy players will really be ready, and so prepared to start the coming season in 2009. That's all going to depend on how thorough and intense the pre-season training & conditioning is going to be. Congrats to Sean, again. Welcome on board, Tristan. Try to practice & learn as much as you can. And, the LA Galaxy RIOS squad - lots of luck for tomorrow & Sunday. And, hope everyone (families & their kids that play) have an awesome time at the Series de Campeones tomorrow & Sunday at the HDC. Now's the time I'm going to go nutty and bezerk. No LA Galaxy games for 3 - 4 months after the 23rd of November. Torture... sheer torture!