Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We've Hit Halftime

An early Bare goal is all that separates the two sides as Gamba Osaka leads the Galaxy 1-0 at halftime. Despite the early deficit, the Galaxy have started to create a string of chances with Ely Allen and Edson Buddle each creating chances. Troy Roberts cleared a shot off the line and Cronin's made a couple of saves to keep the deficit to just a single goal.

All to play for in the second half.

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charlesj27 said...

The LA Galaxy did everything in its "current" state to change the game to go their way. But, the better controllers of the game was still Gamba Osaka. So, Gamba Osaka will go to the Pan-Pacific finals with a final score of 1 - 0. In the second half, Goal Keeper Josh Wicks played very, very well. He's got great quickness. David Beckham was clearly the HARDEST working LA Galaxy player. Josh Tudela still (to me) did not find his form. Bryan Jordan had speed and agility. But, the clear lacking quality of our LA Galaxy team was the ability of our players to HOLD ON TO THE BALL... our players are just too frantic. They've got to learn to be more controlled, more confident... and, MUST keep the pace and control of the game to their own terms - not the opponents'. I know many players had not had a real opportunity until now to play such a competitive game... but, our players need to be much more controlled and smarter! Don't let the opponents force us into falling under pressure. This was a good learning experience for all of the players, I'm sure! That is why I am saying - please LA Galaxy management... Please have the LA Galaxy players get more competitive games after they get back to USA within the pre-season!