Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Galaxy Fall 1-0

Despite creating a number of chances, Ruud Gulit's side could not get on the board tonight and fell 1-0 to Gamba Osaka. Bare scored the games only goal early in the first half, meaning that the Galaxy will now play Sydney FC game at 8pm (PT) on Saturday night in the Third Place Game on ESPN Classic.


charlesj27 said...

Looks like 2007 MLS Champions, Houston Dynamo, came to the PPC to play & win. Win - they did. They beat Sydney FC 3 - 0. I'm happy for Brian Ching that his team was able to perform that well in his home state. This goes to show you - how much Dominic Kinnear values experience and STRENGTH in the MIDFIELD. Houston Dynamo has, by far, the BEST MIDFIELDERS at present in MLS. This is what allows that team to consistently win!!!

So, this means - our LA Galaxy will face Sydney FC in a third place match. Kosmina is relishing the fact his team gets to play us again. I hope that Ruud, Cobi, and Trevor will definitely prepare our LA Galaxy team some more... Sydney FC, at present, has got more experienced players on their team than we do. But, we clearly have the advantage in speed, agility, and overall strength. But, it goes back to the same essential components - CONTROL, CONFIDENCE, and FOLLOW THROUGH!!! Our LA Galaxy players MUST practice, practice, practice CONTROL & POSESSION of the ball!!!

Good Luck for Saturday! I'm serious - you guys need to work your A#$ES off and prepare!

Neanderthal said...

I love my Galaxy but I have to admmit I am a little disapointed, not for having lost the game because we all know it is early in preseason and this is a new experiment with so many new faces, specially young guys and with the new coach. I am disapointed because the basic principle of football (soccer) is the ability to make a pass and receive a pass (I heard this from someone else somwhere). We failed all night doing something that simple and I could see David's body language say it all. You know, we expect that kind of inhability from ouselves when we play a pick up game on the neighborhood street but not from professional players in an international tournament. Please don't take me wrong, my attempt is for some contructive criticism.

charlesj27 said...

I'm thinking about our LA Galaxy players some more - in particular how Coach Ruud chose to position certain players. Ok, let's see:
*) Chris Klein : played as Right Back / Defender (he's got the height and physical presence, he's got experience, great attitude, excellent work ethic... but, that position is probably not the right fit for him - I se Chris as more of a Right Midfielder or Central Midfielder... such as the case when Chris subs in for David Beckham.
*) Josh Tudela : played as Left midfielder to start... but, constantly he kept coming to the center to play there... the center seems to be his natural position. I like him - he's got grit and tenacity, but his passing and ball control is lacking. He'll be great in the PDL / USL... but, not up there in current MLS grade.
*) Kelly Gray : also, tried to play center and left midfields; I believe Josh and Kelly were trying to rotate and cover for each other. Again, I like him... he's got physical presence and quickness... but, passing and ball control is lacking.
*) Alvaro, Ely Allen, Michael Gavin, Bryan Jordan, Sean Franklin, and Julian Valentin - all of these youngsters did a great, great job... they played with tenacity, vigor, and pace. These guys just need to play about six or seven more competitive mnatches and they'll ready for MLS season.
*) Edson Buddle : Again, I like him - I still think that our LA Galaxy should keep him... he still has what it takes to be a good forward - his assists are the best! He's excellent on "dead ball" situations - but he's got to work on his one-on-one skills some more.
*) Steve Cronin & Josh Wicks - good, good goal keepers - both of them. Steve just needs to be more tenacious, alive, and confident - but, if continues to play competitive matches and train with Ian Feuer - he'll get there soon!
*) Greg Vanney was transparent in that match - I hardly noticed him... but, he's got such great experience and an excellent defensive mind; I think Greg, Troy, Sean, Julian, Michael, and Alvaro have got to play together a LOT more - the defensive line in soccer is ALL about trust, understanding, and responsibility. These guys must establish that together!

I am really waiting to see Abel, Landon, Carlos, and Celestine play. I really like Abel - he's got such great experience... but, if he's tired - if he's slow - if he can't keep at the same pace as Troy... then, Abel is going to get ripped apart and destroyed in MLS. So many teams in MLS this year have considerably experienced defenders. Abel, you need to seriously ask yourself, if you really want to fully commit to MLS Season 2008 (that means all the way through November)!