Tuesday, February 19, 2008

27 Players Arrive in Hawaii

Ruud took 27 players with him to Hawaii for the Pan Pacific Championship.

You can read the full release here or check below for the full roster.

GOALKEEPERS (3): Charles Alamo, Steve Cronin, Josh Wicks

DEFENDERS (10): Celestine Babayaro, Sean Franklin, Michael Gavin, Ante Jazic, Brandon McDonald, Mike Randolph, Troy Roberts, Julian Valentin, Greg Vanney, Abel Xavier.

MIDFIELDERS (8): Ely Allen, Alvaro, David Beckham, Kelly Gray, Kevin Harmse, Chris Klein, Josh Tudela, Peter Vaganas

FORWARDS (6): Edson Buddle, Landon Donovan, Alan Gordon, Bryan Jordan, Carlos Ruiz, Israel Sesay


Justin said...

Why did Kyle Martino not make the trip? Was that Ruud's choice or personal matters.

Anonymous said...

Where's Kyle Martino?

charlesj27 said...

Thanks... Thanks for providing the roster in Hawaii, right now. Knowing this information keeps all of us (LA Galaxy fans) connected and in-sync with our LA Galaxy team. Galaxy management must... must realize that we fans have time, energy, passion, hope, and expectation invested in this team. It is because we understand and truly feel a part of the greatness and intensity of this sport. But, to put it more bluntly - in terms of sheer finance and economics - we have portions of our own income invested in this team. One must realize that the LA Galaxy labels and displays itself as a first-class premier team... As such, it charges its fans anywhere from $65 - $75 USD per sideline seat at the Home Depot Center. And, being a middle-class, earning & contributing member of the American society... that's money I don't get to keep nor use for anything else. So, it is in the Fans' vested interest to know details and facets of this team... Our LA Galaxy!

We all work hard and pay our debts everyday to be a part of this great American society. What we ask in return is truth, integrity, service, and accountability... because the flip-side to this argument is... if I didn't do what I was supposed to at my job; I wouldn't have a job that would keep me - and, that's the truth!

Anonymous said...

PPC website says Landon Donavan is injured and is expected tomiss the match against Gamba Osaka! NO!!

Anonymous said...

Finally a travel roster and some useful team info -was about time - cheers non the less.

good to see everybody bar Martino make the trip, but what's the point of injuried Jazic comming along...

Can't wait for finally being able to see some lineup,tactics gameplans by Ruud, Cobi and Co.

Let the game(s) begin :)