Sunday, February 10, 2008

Round Two of the Open Tryouts to be Held on Monday Morning

Nearly 400 Galaxy hopefuls turned out to The Home Depot Center this weekend to show off their skills.

Of those who played this weekend, 84 have been brought back after the first set of cuts. The complete list of players who are invited back for another day of games can be found below, along with their game times and new uniform numbers.

Good luck to all of you and thanks to everyone who participated in the Open Tryout this weekend.

Here is the list of all 84 players that have been invited back for Monday morning's matches.

Our video crew was out there shooting some of the action on Saturday, so a few prospective players will rise to fame here on The LA Galaxy, whether or not they make the actual LA Galaxy.


Anonymous said...

Your new uniform numbers are messed up: number 460 became 450 and so on until 484 becoming 474. Thus, you have numbers 450-459 twice...

charlesj27 said...

Request: Please keep us informed on how the first-team (main)training sessions are going. The last we heard (that you mentioned) was that the first team (main) training group was down to 32 members. Is that still the case? Did any new members get brought in for training with the first team?

Also, how did today's session with the 84 trialists go? What is the final count as of today evening?

You had also stated that video-man "Troy" was putting together more snippets from training camp. Is that ready / available?

Continue to keep us informed & updated. Thanks.