Monday, February 18, 2008

Hawaii Here We Come

A myriad of bags, boxes and boys have arived at LAX meaning the Galaxy is headed to Hawaii. For those of you who thought we travelled a lot of bags to Australia and New Zealand, you haven't seen anything yet. We'll have more once we're on the ground in Hawaii as the first official games of the preseason are just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

cheers for the update, but is ther any chance to get a travel roster and some more news today?


Anonymous said...

Where is the travel roster you promised us?

That would be far more valuable then a bunch of pictures of luggage.

Justin said...

where is the travel roster?

xavier said...

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charlesj27 said...

I hope the trip to Hawaii was alright... with that many travellers and that many bags - as you have indicated - I hope everybody and everything made it there in "one-piece". I hope that LA Galaxy blog is able to keep us updated everyday (or near to that).

And, I will voice again what others have already stated. Please, many of us are interested in and really want to know who exactly are the players that came on this Pre-Season Tour! Please - we are concerned, intelligent soccer and LA Galaxy fans... not, "teenie-boppers". We do NOT want to hear or see fashion or jewelry or interior decor or wasteful things like that. We need to know about useful information pertaining to LA Galaxy players, their practices, their drills, coaches' thoughts, coaches' impressions, coaches' concerns. It's about readiness - it's about toughness - it's about determination & form. That's what we want to read and learn from this blog.

Remember, once 2008 MLS season games start, it is our money (the LA Galaxy fans' monies) that's going into supporting the club and its venue!

I'm sorry if my words are "testy"... but, I just don't want to see us mess around when DC United, FC Dallas, Toronto FC, and New England Revolution are building up their teams to be "battle-ready" armies... and, their blogs get so much ready & quick information.

glen said...

look forward to seeing some info on the team during the Pan tourney and Asian tour.