Friday, February 15, 2008

Pan Pacific Preparations

David, Kelly, Steve, Josh (sporting much longer locks) and Peter talk about the upcoming Pan Pacific Championship in Hawaii.


Ed The Zombie said...

Why the long face Pete? HAHAHA

charlesj27 said...

I wanted to let ALL of the LA Galaxy team members know that we (LA Galaxy fans) are behind them in all that they do. We anxiously wait for MLS 2008 season to start... and, we are thankful that the players have the tutilige, assistance, guidance, and help from great, experienced, & seasoned individuals at the LA Galaxy like: Ruud Gullit, Cobi Jones, Paul Bravo, Trevor James, Chris Neville, and Armando Rivas. ALL of you should take every opportunity to continue to learn, perform, and do your best! Do not give up... Be determined and be perservering - keeping in mind that each of you must help each other out through the rest of this season (and, that is all the way into November of 2008). Stay fit... Stay healthy... Stay sharp & practiced! I am glad... I am proud to be a LA Galaxy supporter and fan! Play some beautiful soccer, men! Very best of luck at the Pan-Pacific & Asia Tours.