Friday, February 15, 2008

More Comings and Goings

A couple of roster moves were made today with Quavs Kirk being traded to D.C. United in exchange for returning hero Greg Vanney. Vanney was with the club from 1996-2001 and joins the club fresh off one of his best seasons in the league with Colorado and D.C. United last year.

The club also announced that defender Ty Harden, the club's 2007 Visa Defender of the Year, has left the club to pursue philanthropic endeveaors.

You can read both press releases on the website here.

Also, Brazilian midfielder Alvaro is training with the squad. We will have a travel roster for Hawaii either late on Saturday or Sunday, with the team leaving on Monday.

Everyone will also be happy to know that the blog staff is getting packed up and will be hitting the road with the club for three weeks of training, matches and whatever else we can squeeze in between. We've put the team masseuse on alert that we plan on posting a lot so to prep a series of finger massage sessions. We'll have text, photo and video so let us know what you want to see and who you want to hear from and we'll post it all right here on The LA Galaxy!


charlesj27 said...

Good to hear that LA Galaxy fans will have text, photos, and video snippets from the Pan-Pacific Tour and the Asia Tour. Excellent.

Here is my list of what I would like to know about:
1) What are Josh Tudela, Chris Klein, Ely Allen, Daniel De Geer, Sean Franklin, Julian Valentin, Edson Buddle, and Israel Sesay's thoughts & views on Pre-Season training under Ruud & Co. so far???
2) What are Paul Bravo & Trevor James's thoughts and comments on the Pre-Season training, so far???
3) I would like to see Video introductions to the new members in LA Galaxy staff - especially, Armando Rivas and Chris Neville.
4) After each match played in the Pan-Pacific Tour and Asia Tour, can you please provide to us the Video of Asst. Coach Cobi Jones & Head Coach Ruud Gullit post-game analyses ???

I want to wish the LA Galaxy team & staff a safe, exciting, and fruitful journey. MLS Season 2008 is a little more than a month away. Continued proper fitness, diet, practices, drills, and scrimmages are a must!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand you are an "official" blog so you're not likely to criticize your own players but it would be very helpful to us fans if you posted things like practice reports (including who'd impressed and just as importantly who hasn't)

Also, it is understandable why the team waits to post things until they are official (hence the presee release on Harden and Vanney coming over a day after it was common knowledge on the internet..) but as a blog couldn't you be a little quicker with the gossip? For example, the Galaxy are clearly waiting until Babayaro's visa is approved before really making the announcement but couldn't you be giving us updates on his status?

Anonymous said...

Not to start an argument but I'd rather you keep the rumors OFF the site until confirmed. I get so sick of seeing Figo to Galaxy, Zidane to Galaxy all the time, it's nice to read some real news on this blog.

I agree with Charles, those are some good ideas.

The only thing I can think of is some more full size pictures.

justin said...

Something from Sessay for sure on how he thinks he will fit in this year, I would love to see him play more than 2 mins. and some QA with the new guys on the team. Also some QA from the guys that were here last season on how things are different with Ruud than last season.

Anonymous said...

I agree that stupid rumors should be kept off the site, but the blog could tell us at least who is in camp at the very least. We seem to find out well after the fact. For example, Needham, the keeper with danish experience, chris sharp is now gone and the blog never even mentioned he was here.

How about a timely match report of the scrimmage against UCLA on Friday?

Gregg said...

I thought Harden had a lot of potential. Hope things work out for him.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great blogging and keep the masseuse busy! Whatever happened with goalkeeper Josh Wicks signing with his old team the Portland Timbers? Assuming that means he has left training camp but no word on this site. We want all the details all the time....Thanks for the great job!

Anonymous said...

I wanna know if KC's draft pick Roger Espinoza ever apologized for planting his cleats on Julien Valentin's face in NCAA finals.

Very gutsy performance by Julien btw. I hope that attitude robs off on the rest of this team. Finally we get somebody with enough guts to make Danny Pena proud.

PS - I hope his wounds are healing well since I heard they opened up in the combine.

Anonymous said...

why wasnt it ever told y they traded clint mathis?