Monday, February 25, 2008

Clearing Out the Video Vault

For the 100th post in the short history of The LA Galaxy, here are a couple of pieces that Troy has put together for us over the past couple of days.

The first is the press conference from the start of the Pan Pacific Championship

The second is a look at some of the work done by new Fitness Coach Chris Neville

And this final piece is a look at a few of the rookie faces who played such a big role in the two Pan Pacific matches.


charlesj27 said...

Thank you! Thank you - for posting the Video introducing Chris Neville, and the Video giving the youngsters of the LA Galaxy team a chance to speak. These were the type of videos that I (personally) was waiting to see. The Chris Neville video was informative and lets all of us, technical-oriented, LA Galaxy fans know that Coach Ruud, Asst. Coaches Cobi & Trevor, and staff are spending the necessary amount of emphasis on physical fitness, training, practice, diet, and drills. Once again, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


I am dispointed with the blog management as it seems your news always behind the news we get from other souces. Be a offical galaxy blog, we expect you post news, pics, videos on time, so fans can follow up the latest news.

Anonymous said...

this blog site is sooo lag behind time and news. very disappointing!!!

Anonymous said...

who is manageing this blog? must be a very lazy person since there is no update, no news, nothing for so long. terrible job.

Anonymous said...

This is how a team blog should be run: