Friday, February 8, 2008

Practice, We're Talking About Practice

Season ticket holders got a chance today to see the guys train for the first time this season as Ruud and Co. put the team through a, shall we say, interesting training session. Everybody, including the keepers, had a ball and did a circuit of the field, stopping eight times to complete a task. Our words cannot do the drill justice so we're going to have Troy our video guru send us something here soon.

But while we wait for that, here's a piece that Troy put together following Monday's training session.

Check it out...


Robbie said...

Wow, 'pics' and 'video clips'.....this site is the bomb.....Keep it coming....I am trully getting psyched for the new season....Keep up the great work!!!!!.... Question: Is it me... or are more MLS games being televised this year?????....That's a good sign right? indication of the MLS fan base increasing!!???

Anonymous said...

i especially like the Iverson reference... keep the news coming!

charlesj27 said...

I'm assuming the pre-season training camp is going well... and, that Ruud, Cobi, Trevor, Paul, and Alexi are making valuable assessments on ALL of the players. The LA Galaxy needs players that totally meets the grade (in terms of strength, fitness, speed, dribble control, posession, passing, and team-work). We are now embarking on the week of Feb. 11th - that means only one week of FULL @ home assesments left. The following week after this one, our LA Galaxy will be away for the Asia Tour games. They will come back by March 7th, only to play one pre-season game with FC Dallas, But, isn't there more than enough time to get two more pre-season games in (like, with Real Salt Lake and Kansas City Wizards)?

In any case, once LA Galaxy comes back to the US (March 7th); then, Ruud, Cobi, & Trevor should have clearly an idea of who will be their first team (starting squad).

My request is this... for those LA Galaxy players that are not in the first team (starting squad) - is there a way for them to keep their match fitness, readiness, sharpness, and on-pitch learning time by being involved as substitutes in USL league games. I believe that something should be arranged where our LA Galaxy Second Team have the ability to get more playing time by helping out local USL teams (ie: Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Minnesota Thunder). Our involvement with USL wil go a long way with building a solid, foundational relationship between the MLS & the USL.