Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post-Game Reaction

The team will travel back to Los Angeles this morning so to hold you over, here is the MLS quote sheet from last night's 1-1 draw with Colorado.

LA Galaxy
Head Coach Bruce Arena
About the Game overall
“We had a good defensive posture, had a chance to catch them on the break.”
“We wanted to be smart and conserve our energy and not chase the ball too much.”
“We had a couple of opportunities with Landon that we didn’t capitalize on, but for the most part we did ok. In a game like this, opportunities when they come you’ve got to convert them and we failed to do that…we were fortunate to get that goal. I think it was a well earned goal.”
“This is a game; no one comes into Colorado and dominates because of what happens of the last 20 to 30 minutes. We had our chances and if we would have lost tonight I would have been disappointed.”
“We’re moving a positive direction. We had a solid performance and now we’ve got to get our first win and focus on getting it next week at home.”

#21 Alan Gordon
On Colorado being a tough place to score…
“This is a completely different team and I think we proved that tonight. We got a goal and were showing some character and some resiliency coming back and battling it out. We’d like to get a win, but a tie and a point is not bad.”
On hitting the crossbar
“You always want those to go in, but that’s part of the game. If I keep at it they’ll go in, so I’m not going to put any added pressure on myself.”
“I think I’m in the right spots and me and Landon were working good together. As long as were successful as a team that’s all that matters. I think I’m doing my part and I’ll just keep at it and the goals will come.”
On the defense in the second half
“After they got their goal its natural for a team to sit back and kind of play defense. Then the team that’s down has got to push it, so we were pushing a little bit and we were fighting back and getting opportunities and I knew one was going to come so I’m just glad we got a goal. Hats off to Klein and Landon for a good goal and we move on to next week.”

#10 Landon Donovan
On the goal and having a hard time scoring in Colorado
“It feels good, that being said we had a chance at the end to score if we were a little sharper on that play between me and Edson when the goalie comes out.”
“Overall were pretty happy, I think we had quite a few good chances that just missed and probably could have scored a few more goals.”
Successful road trip
“There’s two ways to look at it, one is that we haven’t won a game yet, and the second is that were one of a handful of few teams that have only lost once. We still feel good about where going, but especially at home we’ve got to start winning games.”

Colorado Rapids
Head Coach Gary Smith
On the game:
“It took far too long for us to get in our stride. I feel like LA made life very difficult, but it is our job to break them down and create opportunities. When we scored that goal the game had finally began to open up. Sadly, from the goal on we didn’t really manage the game that well. LA started to get a little bit more possession and look a little bit more threatening. Our biggest problem will be big mistakes that offer up opportunities. I felt the goal was a gift, although it was finished well, it was scored from a dreadfully bad mistake.”
“We are a group that is learning and growing all the time. In these stages that we have to adapt and we hope we are going to pick up more points than not. If not for one mistake, I would be sitting here very pleased that after a bit of a flat start, we started to produce better football.”
“I am sorely disappointed not to get three points.”

#23 Colin Clark
On the game
“It is nice to walk away with a point tonight. It is disappointing to come in here having only been 15 minutes away from racking up three. We were fortunate to get away with one play. When we went up I think it just switched off. We stopped playing and they got on top of the play and took it to us.”
On his goal:
“I got the ball and turned on my left foot and showed a little patience and was able to put it on the back post.”
On his first goal of the season:
“I don’t think it’s going to get me going necessarily, I think that is going to come with time, but it was good to score.”

#4 Ugo Ihemelu
On the game:
“It was very disappointing. It’s a game that I think we should have won. We had the lead, we fought hard for it, and a simple mistake led to their goal. It definitely feels like a loss.”
On next week’s game:
“This game is over; tomorrow we start over again and get ready for Salt Lake. It’s a home game and we need three points. So this game is in the back of our minds.”


Anonymous said...

another week w/o win, well what else is new? To be expected by now, still in dead last place. I'll be surprised if this gets posted, it seems there's no freedom of speech on this blog.

charlesj27 said...

Again, I need to say this... With professional players who are passionate, driven, and absolutely adamnat & personal with their plays & performances - does anyone else think that the comments from Alan Gordon sufficed? He has been in this league a while now - as a forward... Are those comments what we want to hear from attacking players? Namely, “You always want those to go in, but that’s part of the game. If I keep at it they’ll go in, so I’m not going to put any added pressure on myself.” - WHAT? HUH? So, we are to understand that if Liverpool's Fernando Torres / Man-U's "Wayne Rooney" / Arsenal's Robin Van Persie were to say that exact same thing that their coaches and managers would be all right with that - let alone the fans??? Sorry, fans - I'm too worked up about the "lax" sentiments; to me - there has to - has to be a real, distint difference in the profesional level of the game... MLS must always strive to be at the top-most level it can be - within reason, within financial restrictions, within age & experience. For me, those type of comments echo Sunday leagues. I care too much about the quality & progression of this sport in the US to let that go!

pc1 said...

It was a good game, I guess. But if we want to go back to the playoffs and possibly even further, we need to stop settling for ties. And like everyone says these single-point games might not matter now, but as the season progresses, it will eventually.

Also, like I said, before each game we need to watch videotape of our opponents, and to practice in their stadiums (during road games) to get a feel for how they play if we want to start winning. That might sound like an unfair advantage to some, but if it's gonna produce results....

skydog said...

Definite improvement since we started getting some injured players back. Our back line this game was the best it has been in several years. I know that isn't saying a lot, but nevertheless for the first time in many a moon we don't have to be embarrassed by our defense. Omar is the weakest link in the back, which shows how much the D has improved. Last season he would have been our best defender after Franklin.

And as I was saying last year goalkeeping has more influence on how the team does over a season than any other player, including star forwards. A top GK will likely save almost a goal per game compared to a mediocre one, while a star forward will score in less than half of his games. And so far this season Ricketts has been a quality goalkeeper. He has gotten us ties from games that would have been losses if our previoius keepers had been between the pipes.

Two successive ties on the road is nothing to sneeze at. More impressive is that the guys fought back from deficits both times.

With Dunivant and Buddle back, and Ricketts in his current form, there is no reason we shouldn't win a decent share of games at home over the rest of the season. I predict we will end up around midtable IF (and this is a big if) Donovan, Ricketts, Berhalter, Dunivant, Lewis, and Franklin can stay healthy from here on out. I think any other LA player can be replaced without a significant dropoff, but we really need all those guys I named on the field to have a realistic chance to be actually be competitive team week in and week out.

propeller74 said...

While it wasn't pretty, I would hardly call it "passionless". Talentless maybe, but not passionless. Neither team played particularly well, but given the overall quality of the players, they fought out there. Galaxy show heart and you can really tell that they are pulling together as a team far more than last year's train wreck. And the ManU/ Spurs 2nd half was hardly "beautiful"; it was a pasting. It may have well been Manu/ C-bus. It was not good football. For the sake of everyone's sanity, don't compare MLS to EPL ever again!

Buddle will make a major difference, fellas. You see it right away. The fact that he was the type of threat that Gordo can only dream of being in just a sub role was enough. He was inches away from getting an assist on the GWG with his long ball at the end. Gordo, nor Kiro could have made that pass. Gordo's touch cannot be more heavy. It's embarrasing.

I agree with everyone; Kiro & Klein offer nothing to the team. Klein had a prime opportunity to score last night and sent a weak ball wide of the target. And yes, he was shooting on his "assist". He would do well as a sub at this point in his career. Franklin should be moving into the RM role in which he shows potential to be dangerous.

Gonzo was again up and down. I think he is a really good acquisition, but his inexperience was glaring at times. He struggled on the goal (more concerned about a hand ball than blocking the shot) and wasn't in position to help on several other occasions.

I would like to see this team TAKE A LEAD. They have had only 1 lead all season and it lasted 2 minutes. Do they have what it takes to play ahead and win?? We have no idea.

geneva said...

I'll take the tie, I expected it. I am looking for us to come out & KILL New York next week. Our season depends on us getting a win. We are either coming together as a team or we are going to stagnate. Time for a legendary performance.

Dunivant is going to be good for us. I forgot what a good first touch he has and his distribution decisions are great, and he has the ability to make them. He is not a great athlete, but he makes up for it. I am so relieved he didn't get that red card, that would have been a huge setback, and very unfair considering the play.

Great comments from everyone. I want more out of Landon, but that was a beautiful goal. Gonzales had a couple of dangerous lapses and got beat fair & square by Clark, but he is the right guy to have back there. Franklin had a good game at right back & continues to improve. Berhalter and Ricketts round out a defense that is at least acceptable by MLS standards, which is HUGE improvement for us.

For whoever said Ricketts is the best GK other than Keller this year - have you seen Zach Thornton? OMG, he is on fire. (I only saw half of the Chivas game yesterday, though, and I'm going to look stupid if he had a big lapse in the 2nd half.)

73bruin said...

Random Thoughts:

1) Thought Gordon played an abosolutely terrible game, absolutely no touch on the ball, squandered possession after possession in the first half. Don't see what BA see's in him as a starter. As a late substitute possibly. Would like to see Jordan get the start so the opponents defense needs to account for 2 players with pace.

2) Thought Dema played a great first half and then ran totally out of gas early in the second half. Not sure that Klien played a great first half but he was also toast early in the second. IMO Bruce was late in subsituting for both of them which lead to Colorado's increased possessions in the 2nd half and the indirectly the goal.

3) Thought the defense played well considering they were under siege pretty much the entire second half.

tequila said...

Why is it that now the Galaxy have so little pop. that we have to watch games on tape delay? ---> Does anybody remember the original "Prime Ticket" from the 80's and early 90's? this is exactly what they did to the Dodgers and Angels games all season long.

So how did regress back to Tape Delay? - Let me guess does his name start with a "B".

This whole thing with Don Garber and the Yankees talking smack about attendance... the dick posting the spars-est 12k in the history of MLS exaggerated attedancedum tonight.

I must say I concur with the Rogo & Watson homerism parade makes a Galaxy road game viewing just the sadest experience in the world. Those two yuck-yucks are why MLS is what it is... F*cking Dull.

Tonight game shows there was no difference between these two teams... just astornomical divides between players. Donovan again is embarrasing the league by staying in it. And Ricketts was the best move so far this season.

Take this analogy to your heart. Landon Donovan is our Lebron James. And the other 23 players are just putting on the shirt, picking up a check, and along for the ride. What that constitutes to me is not a miracle but a mess... should we lose this guy for any reason, int'l duty... injury... a potential move in the summer. and you can't hit the panic (godzilla) button fast enough.

About the game tonight... I never got the sense that we could do anything during the run of play. Our defense is kinda better. but I saw Berhalter get burned by Cummings. And then the rookie Gonzalez got torched by Cooke on the goal. I don't us as bad as last year on defense... but we have taken quite the step backwards in the offense dept though. throwing out (2) defense mids doesn't help, but that is Bruce Arena's methodology though, he came up with the (2) defensive mid theory during the 2002 World Cup. and used it empatically in the 2006 World Cup to garner us a last place spot.

At the end of the day... BA doesn't know what offense is or how it works. He was a goalkeeper. He believes that defense will win titles. But the BA hasn't won a significant thing in over 5 years and his track record since is dreadful. look at his total record since January 06' - so bad I can't believe Tim Lieweke didn't look at it before hiring this guy. But then again it's Tim Lieweke were talking about.

Next week against NYRB will be our first win of the season. the Red Bulls really suck. they will be tired from cross country flight. they will one full day less rest. and we will have pretty much a full healthy squad at our disposal.

With Chivas, Seattle, RSL running away with the Western Conference. it is between us and the other low-life scum in this conference to pull out that final playoff spot. and Unfortunately we're better than they are. and that is the shallowest statement of all times.

charlesj27 said...

There were some good things, definitely, that I saw from the most recent match:
1) The LA Galaxy team tried their best to keep the ball on the floor when moving and trying to position. That's good. Please continue to keep that up. It should be practiced as much as possible.
2) Along with keeping the ball on the floor, the LA Gaalxy team tried also to perform the short-to-mid passing amongst the midfielders. Also, good. It does need mroe work - but, the fact that LA Galaxy team is learning those things are very helpful.
3) The positioning / formation kept during most of hte game was very good. I know Bruce is probably stressing that a lot.

What the guys need to keep working at:
1) The wing/flank players need to work together and improve inter-functionality. Their roles will cross over back and forth throughout the entire game. Both sides need to work at that: left & right.
2) the central midfielders need to keep up with the queues and communication. Communication is essential and key.
3) the forwards are the positions that will require the hardest focus and work. They (all of them) have got to work during scrimmages to anticipate runs, pauses, and positioning. And, when they do get the ball to their feet... then, it's gotta be quick and decisive. They've got to maximize on shot-taking.

May 2nd: at home against New York Red Bulls ; May 6th: AWAY at Real Salt Lake ; May 10th: AWAY at Seattle Sounders FC. That's three(3) games in 9 days. This means the team has to work veyr hard this week to get down plays, strategies, coordination, formation - plus, time with the trainers for fitness. That's a lot to be done. The team cannot waste time anymore - they do not have that luxury!

Anonymous said...

My tivo screwed it up because FSN titled it wrong yet again!! Any chance to get the highlights uploaded?


Anonymous said...

Somehow I wasnt surprised yet again for another tie! Making a sub in the last two minutes is not going to help! Especially when it is Jordan. He is an incredible player...why does he not get any playing time and why does he play players that suck like Kirovsky and Franklin! WHo didnt do anything. Landon needs to play up and just let him outrun all the defenders. He is not getting as many goals as he did last year because he is playing as a deeper forward instead of up! You have the midfielders to do what they are holding the leagues best forward back to do!! Let him play up and give him a hard cross and he will score almost every time. They also suckkkkkkk at their passing and crosses with these weak little soft passes that get intercepted everyyyy time. Also, why doesnt Landon get into goal on crosses and free kick because he is pretty must the only one on the team that can score with his head but hes taking the kick so of course theres not going to be any goals. It is not that hard to take corners and free kicks at all! The game against NY hopefully will be better because hopefully I didnt waste my money on a ticket to go see yet again another tie. Maybe LA will win for once because I hear NY hasnt been doing that well but with LA you never know.

Anonymous said...

Man, you people are never happy. Last year we lost all the time, we gave up simple & stupid goals. Now we are getting TIE results when normally they'd be losses. Our 2 centerbacks are slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,I could care how many goals Gonzales gets with his head,if he keeps giving up the simple goals, what he does on the offense end means squat ... Franklin & A.J are our fastest backs,let them play together and you'll see what kind of coverage they give with there speed. Franklins in only his 2nd year,and A.J has but 4-5 games in his rookie season. Gonzales looks seriously lost, Sanneh, Lewis, just plain old age has hit them ...
We had NO Pressure from the left side,our midfielders,well,try something else bruce, what you have out there now IS NOT WORKING ...

kaka22 said...

you are all failing to remember that donovan could be gone for a month and a half if he gets called for the gold cup after the confederations cup,so all the points that we are leaving behind right now will not be made up later while hes gone.kiss the playoffs goodbye again.i feel like a cubs fan,wait til next year.....