Saturday, April 4, 2009

On the Field and Ready for Colorado

The lineups are in, and the Galaxy's starting XI is set. Bruce and Co. will look to earn the first three points of the 2009 season tonight against the Colorado Rapids.

Here's are tonight's lineups.


Subs: Benitez, Berhalter, Marshall, DeLaGarza, Miglioranzi, Kirovski and Jordan.


Subs: Ceus, Cooke, Dalby, Guerrero, Harden, Peterson and Schunk.


kaustin01 said...

For Colorado, it's Kimura at right back.

Jared, Lindsey and Aven said...

no tv for this gme??? so lame. what are we , a team in the mexican league? cmon.

Chad said...

Second performance is worse than the first. You don't have to be an expert at soccer to know that a team anchored by Josh Tudela in the midfield is going to be garbage. A team anchored by Tony Sanneh in the back is going to be garbage. How hard is it to buy a good player? Not someone who might be good by the end of the season. Not someone who used to be good in 2002. It's too hard to watch this team anymore.

Swiftor said...

I am not surprised with the result tonight. From the day we obtained Kovalenko, I knew he was going to be a red card waiting to happen. We have a defensive line that is made up of greenhorns and old-timers. How Stefani Migz is an upgrade from Brandon McDonald is beyond me. The only positives I see is the return of Donovan and the discard of Pass-back Pete Vagenas.

There is no excuse why the G's should have allowed that second goal by Casey. No one was tracking Casey and it just looked too easy like if it was a pick-up game. I thought the 2 week break was supposed to have helped us, atleast that is what Sarachan said. Now let's see what kind of line-up we can scrap together for the Open Cup game against Colorado who will most likely start with almost the exact same personnel.

Anonymous said...

Tudela shouldn't be starting in this league!!