Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Galaxy Speak Out on USOC Play-In Game

Here is some post-game sound from tonight's game.

Coach Bruce Arena's Press Conference...

Chris Klein...

Gregg Berhalter...


Anonymous said...

They're crazy if they think losing to a 10 man Colorado squad is "a step in the right direction." Don't spray febreeze on a's useless.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the audio files and the coverage, since USSF couln't be bothered to make a game available online.

charlesj27 said...

Well, I was hoping for a win from the LA Galaxy; but, I kind of am not surprised nor that upset/disppointed. Let me explain:
1) Bruce (like Gary of Colorado) decided to start the game with more younger players (rookies) that did not have as much 1st-team playing time.
2) Yes, over the course of 90 + 15 + 15 minutes... us not being able to score being a man-up (11 v 10) is quite SAD! However, we unloaded a bunch of shots near opponent's nets. Please understand that our team (as it stands currently - do not have the true goal poachers & attackers like Colorado or Real Salt Lake or Chivas USA). Our forwards are not like those teams' forwards. My disappointment was more with Tristan and Alan than anybody else... With their physique, strength, and chances they been given - these guys need to make much more of it!
3) We managed to keep Colorado scoreless for a 120 minutes. To me, that is saying something! Josh Saunders was only a bit improved than past Saturday - there were still some glaring mistakes that I saw!
4) I am glad that the younger players go this opportunity to play some serious minutes. I believe Bruce did a good thing for them. To me, nothing is as effective and as telling as actual game experience against faster/hi-pressure teams. And, Gary's Colorado team is all about hi-pressure and speed. Greg Berhalter, to me, seemed more capable and more assured than Tony Sanneh - but, he still has a ways to go to get match fit. I believe Omar, Yohance, and AJ did a stellar job playing so many minutes. They really came through for us! Sean seemed to play a lot more confident. Good!
5) I was very glad to see that the team decided to play ball-to-the floor, and more short/quick passing. Very good! It needs more work - but, I hope they continue to keep that up!
6) Jovan, Mike Magee, Josh Tudela, and Sean tried their best to keep pressing and keep feeding the ball forward. Good, also very good to see!!! But, our forwards need to be much more persistent and hungry! The only to acheive this is to constantly make them practice together, forcing them to hold onto the ball, and shoot instantaneously with power when near penalty box. They have got to be much more aggressive and quicker near penalty box!!!
7) I was glad that Eddie, Edson, Donovan Ricketts, Landon, Tony, and Todd were given the chance to rest & watch how their team-mates did. Our entire team has to be supportive of each other and trusting in each other - this is so important - it will help as the season drags on!
8) Bruce & Dave - continue to press this team and its players - be absolute - expect and demand more of them... Practice, Scrimmaging, Passing, Crossing, Shots-on-goal are ALL mandatory - no exceptions!!!

Mark Villa sec. 132 said...

Okay, thank god I wasn't driving last night and was able to take a percocet and drink four beers during the game, otherwise I might be really pissed.
Great job on giving the young guys the start. I was excited for them, and most of them played well.
Jovan Kirovski? Really? He looked to be more afraid of the ball than Wolnyek when he played here. Miserableanzi, meanwhile, did his best Pete Vagenas impersonation, by constantly passing back and stopping just this side of squealing like a little girl whenever a Rapids player got within 30 yards of him. Kirovsy and Miserbleanzi should NEVER be in the game at the same time. EVER!! Neither of them were able to look up and survey the field, eyes on their feet, moving timidly. They left Bryan Jordan in disbelief more often than i could count.
Jordan, GREAT effort. I love that kid! Tristan, just needs more playtime, he will develop into a major star. Berhalter hasn't played in two years, and it shows. Hey, I'm over 34 and out of shape, can I get a contract? Sean, A.J., Omar, Yohance all did great. Im really excited about Patterson, and hope that arena gives him the playing time to develop. Josh Saunders, what's wrong? I dig you man, so Iwont say anything bad, but please snap out of it. Yeah, Klein had some way off target shots, but at least he got his head up and was trying. Alan F'ing Gordon!!!!!! God love him! He was robbed of the winnig goal by yet another BS off-side call.

I LOVE MY GALAXY, but, at this point, I dont see us doing any better than last year. I want nothing more than to be proved wrong, but for now, I'm settling in for a long season.

I vow to lose my voice every game, and cheer my boys onward. What is the Galaxy going to do for me/us?