Friday, April 3, 2009

Looking Ahead to Game Day

Head over to and be sure to read Larry Morgan's preview of Saturday's game against the Rapids, as well as the league preview, which does not mention that Colorado goalkeeper Matt Pickens is now listed as Out on their injury report as a result of back spasms, meaning that either Preston Burpo or rookie Steward Ceus will have to man the goal for the Rapids.

Additionally, Mark Rogondino check's in with his new column, View From the Booth, where he looks at tomorrow's matchup and a few of the key things that he'll be looking at from the broadcast booth.

Speaking of the broadcast, be sure to tune in at 9:30 for Galaxy Live on Prime Ticket as Jackie Pickering takes a look at the friendship of both A.J. and Omar. We took a trip to their new apartment to see what life is like for a pair of MLS rookies.

Lastly, the team held it's final training session of the week today, the first for Gregg Berhalter (pictured below) going through some final tactical preparations and working on set pieces.

It was one of the lighter sessions of the year, with the whole team in a jovial mood. All of the coaches even got involved, with Dave playing soccer tennis with Todd, Josh and Stefani,

Ian working on some final drills with the keepers, Cobi working out with a few of the wingers, Trevor officiating the shooting drill and Bruce hitting some passes for the finishing drills.
Dema, who is one of the most competitive people we've ever seen, won the shooting drill and was all smiles afterward, and made sure to let Tristan and Izzy know who the day's champion was.

All things, considered, the boys look to be in a good mood heading into tomorrow's game, and hopefully they'll be in an even better mood after taking their first three points of the season.


charlesj27 said...

First three points into this season - I certainly hope so! I really hope that the team, the fans, and the mood is all going well & right for the LA Galaxy to come and take maximum number of points this weekend and next week. The players had their 2 week long practice, sharpening, and mending sessions. Now, comes the time for prrof, action, and complete focus & hardness to get the wins and make their presence secure! Very glad to hear that all fo the coaches got involved in today's session.

Anonymous said...

What's an Izzy? Izzy or Izzy not on the roster?

Anonymous said...

nice updates

looking forward to a regular column of Rogondino

Anonymous said...

izzy means israel sesay

Anonymous said...

Dema is the most beautiful man I have ever seen!