Saturday, April 25, 2009

All Set For Kickoff

We're about 10 minutes away from kickoff here at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and the lineups are in.

Gregg Berhalter and Alan Gordon return to the lineup after serving their one-game suspensions, while Colorado native Todd Dunivant will earn his first start since returning to the club. Another new lineup for the Galaxy, who have now used a different lineup in each of the first five matches.

Here's are tonight's lineups.


Lewis---- Kovalenko---Miglioranzi ----Klein



Subs: Saunders, Sanneh, DeLaGarza, Tudela, Kirovski, Buddle, Jordan.





Subs: Pickens, LaBrocca, Dalby, Guerrero, Holody, Peterson and Schunk.

The referee tonight will be Alex Prus.


pc1 said...

It was a fair result, I guess. But like I said, if we want to go back to the playoffs again, and hopefully further, we need to stop settling for ties.

charlesj27 said...

It's fortunate that we got a tie - AGAIN! It seems like we are employing Houston Dynamo's philosophy - battle it out defensively to earn a tie adn a point 8 - 10 games through a season and then turn the "scoring switch on". As a soccer entusiast, personally, I do NOT like that philosophy. To me, that's being very settled and secure and hiding in one's niche and hoping others will duke it out and wait for casualties! Soccer is a game that is at its best when players have a moving, pressed, driving passion for it - and, they play together in a way that paints vivid pictures to its audience that they are artists in their own right of the game.
Now, all that being said - Colorado has a younger, more resilient/athletic team with a location/stadium that have an altitude advantage. And, unfortunately, we are coming in with a more "aged" team - and, Bruce's main objective is to manange the opposing team from scoring on us early. OK, objective attained. They only score on us in the 2nd-half. But, watching that kind of soccer can be dull and dreary... especially, when the rest of the world's premier leagues are displaying football/soccer with attitude, gusto, and flair. But, I have to keep reminding myself and forcing myself to accept - US Soccer is young and it's going to take at least two decades before we can get to that standard. However, it makes me irritated inside when I see the style and tenacity of football/soccer being played by Seattle FC, Real Salt Lake, and Chivas USA.