Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back at Home

Before receiving their customary day off on Tuesday, most of the Galaxy were on the field for a light training session on Monday morning. For the first time in three weeks, the club is preparing for a home game, with the New York Red Bulls coming into town on Saturday.

Most of the players made their way up to the training field and participated in a lively session that last just over an hour of mostly small-sided games.

The players who played significant minutes on Saturday stayed inside for a regeneration session that included time in the cold plunges, whirlpools and saunas, as well as a good amount of time with the Galaxy medical staff, as they begin to get their bodies ready for another physical match this weekend against New York.

Once they wrapped up in the trainer's room, everyone headed up to the training field to watch the end of the training session before everyone made the short walk over to the Athlete's Performance for a light gym session and some yoga.

After missing the last two games with an irritation in his right knee, Kyle Patterson was back on the training field along with the rest of the players who did not travel or play on the weekend. Tristan Bowen also did some work after missing the game in Colorado with a knee sprain, while Yohance Marshall, who went on the Disabled List on Friday, spent the day inside to work with the medical staff.

The preparations for Saturday will begin in earnest on Wednesday when the team returns to training with the full array of video sessions and daily meetings to go along with the training sessions.
But before we get to tomorrow, let's look back one more time at the 1-1 draw at Colorado last weekend with Chris Klein, Eddie Lewis, Donovan Ricketts and Todd Dunivant.






charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the update on the team and the audio. Appreciate it. If the backline and midfield keep practicing and keep talking & communicating with each other - WITH the goalkeeper(s) also giving clearances adn instruction - then, we will do much better defensively. It will get there with the players we have. But, the entire team needs to continue working at it - the practices and the formation drills cannot stop.
My concern is with our posession & holding into the final third and most all FINISHING. Our forwards need to take their shots - make it decisive and aggressive. They need to play with more tenancity and emphases. For me, Edson, Mike, Jovan, and Landon have got to work closely and create and finish. They've got to keep takign the shots. All of it - low shots, high shots, volley shots. Keep practicing ont these - everything, for the next three games have got to be strategized and made sure of. There are three (3) games that the LA Galaxy team will have to play relatively close to one another. To me, this is where we get to see how much of an improvement this team is from last year and if this team has what it takes to make it convincingly through the rest of the season! Three(3) days of training until this Saturday... Don't take these days lightly!

charlesj27 said...

Make no mistake LA Galaxy team/players, trainers, coaches, and staff - all three (3) up-coming games is going to be PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY challenging! The three teams will turn up the pressure and the attacking - they will! LA Galaxy players have to be sharp, tough, and ready-to-do- full battle in both halves. It is not enough to just line up as a defensive shell of seven on the pitch... we need to be able to play the ball quickly, decisively, and fight for posession as much as possible. We need WINS; we have to rise in standing; otherwise, we will surely fall behind! This is why the forwards need to play together and keep shooting and finishing!