Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking Up The 'Monotony' Of Training

Fridays usually consist of light training sessions. Since all of the heavy lifting is done earlier in the week, training the day before the game usually consists of going over some on-the-field tactics, dead ball situations and fitness. Today, the guys did all of that and something else. Bruce and the coaching staff decided to mix things up a little by having the guys play a game of soccer handball.

Let the games begin.

While soccer handball does help build up communication and hand-eye coordination, the main things was having fun out on the field. Bruce told the media afterward, "I saw no reason for to go out there and kick each other. It was good. It breaks up the monotony of things." It sure did.

One team was an experience-filled squad (although we are not sure if soccer experience automatically translates into soccer handball success) comprised of guys like Landon, Eddie, Klein, Alan and Gregg. The other was led by Dema, Tony and Cobi, but also included Edson, Omar and Leo.

The game started out even and both teams were defending well. But as the game approached its midway point without either team having score, referee Dave Sarachan implemented a rule change in hopes of creating more scoring opportunities-- good call or conspiracy theory? You decide.

Dema and his team were first to take advantage of the rule change and went up 1-0. The goal was disputed by Alan and the others, but to no avail. Moments later, Dema struck again and his side was now up 2-0.

Chris Klein and his team answered quickly with a goal of their own to cut the deficit in half (see video below). But in the final minute of the match, young Tristan Bowen put things away with his only goal of the match.

As a result of their victory, the winners were first in line to receive water from the trainers.

Be sure to check back later today as we'll catch up with some of the guys before they depart to Oakland. We'll get you ready for Saturday game against San Jose with pics, audio and video.


Galaxy Til I Die said...

You do know... posting that Cobi is participating in training is (even if it is only a game of handball soccer) is only going to get our hopes up, right?

Anonymous said...

who's video phone is that from? what is this

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for this fun-post. Actually, the guys did deserve a day where they could let loose and just do something different. After consecutively doing drills, fitness, gym-work, tactics, etc... all players want to do is do something else besides more routine. I'm glad the players had their break today. I would have like to see a much monger video of the highlights with definitely a much clearer digital camcorder or something. But, thanks for the pics of the soccer-handball session, as well. I'm glad to see Leonard doing better and is out there getting more fit. Edson is still wearing jogging shoes - which tells me, he still trying to get back into fitness, form, strength, and endurance. I hope Edson is getting better... Actually, I hope all of the guys are developing more and more - the season is only going to get more challenging adn more tough - especially when travelling. This is why the LA Galaxy must get some wins... they have to try their best to start scoring. Congrats to Dema for getting on the score-board first... we can always count on him for his absolutely drive to win and to be the first at winning balls... just - please try and work in the fact to draw much less cards from refs... this takes positioning, timing, and definitely being very professional and steering away from problem situations. Also, communication between team-mates always on the pitch go a LONG way in reducing the drawing of cards from refs. Good luck to our guys on their next games... can't wait to see our LA Galaxy play at home - at the HDC again!